What No One Tells You About Being A Student

What No One Tells You About Being A Student

Are you getting ready to enjoy your first year at university? If so, you are probably feeling excited albeit a little bit apprehensive. A lot of people say that university was the best time of their lives. While this can certainly be the case, there are a lot of surprises along the way. In this post, we will look at some of the things that no one tells you about being a university student. So, let’s get starte

Say hello to free events – Let’s start with one of the unexpected benefits associated with going to university: the endless number of free events. You will find that there are so many different free events that take place throughout the year. You can easily keep an eye on them by signing up to your student union newsletter and keeping a check on all of the relevant Facebook pages. Not only are the events free, but you will get lots of free food samples and discount vouchers for different stores too.

Managing your time – Time management is key when you go to university. You will get a schedule, which will often change every term, and you will have to plan your day in advance to make sure you keep on top of everything.

People have weird habits – You never know whom you are going to be living with for your first year if you are in student accommodation. You may get lucky and meet your best friends, or you may end up living with a bunch of people who really aren’t your cup of tea. Either way, you are going to have to learn how to live together and be respectful of one and other. The trouble is that most people have never lived with anyone except their parents before. You may think sharing the milk is fine, but your roommate may be furious!

What No One Tells You About Being A Student

You’ll spend most of your time in bed – This does not mean that you are going to spend all of your university degree asleep! However, most people end up spending a lot of time in their student accommodation beds. From watching television to doing some revision, your bed will become your go-to spot.

Your campus will probably be a maze – This may not be applicable to all universities, but it is for the vast majority of them. No matter how often you go to classes at the university, you will find that you never truly know your way around the campus.

Make the most of all of the student deals – One of the best things about being a student is student discount. Make sure you sign up for an NUS card. This is the most popular student discount card in the UK. You can get discounts at numerous restaurants, including ASK Italian and Zizzi. You can also get discounts on a wide range of clothing and fashion stores and websites, including ASOS, boohoo.com, and Accessorize. Other deals include money off your car insurance, discounts off Apple Mac and iPads, as well as supermarket and travel deals too. This is a great way to make your money go further and save a considerable sum of money every month.

Who knew textbooks cost so much? – While you will be able to save money using your student card, one area whereby you are going to spend a lot of it is with your textbook. You will find that you end up spending a chunk of money on a book and you only use it once, which is annoying! One of the best ways to save money is to see if any of the students from the year above are selling their books, as it is likely that they will no longer need them.

Being healthy is really hard – No matter your best intentions, there is little denying that being healthy at university is borderline mission impossible. It is so easy to get into a spiral of pre-cooked meals and takeaways. Obviously, this isn’t good for your body, nor is it good for your bank account. The best way to stay healthy is to shop every few days, buying small amounts so that you can keep your food as fresh as possible.

You are often left to struggle on your own – This is not said to send you into a panic, however, the harsh reality is that you are not going to have everything spoon fed to you at university. It is not going to be like school whereby the teacher walked you through everything. You are going to need to get used to being a bit more independent.

Your heart may sink after your first grade – You have been an A grade student all of your life. You hand in your first essay, and you are devastated when you see a C or a D looking back at you. This happens to more people than you would realise. It is nothing for you to worry about. It is simply a case of getting used to the course, what your tutor expects, and the writing style you need to adhere to.

You will find creative ways to socialise – When you are at university, it is, of course, important to study and work hard to get the grades you want. However, equally, it is important to have a social life. After a hard week of studying, letting your hair down is a must. You will find that you and your friends come up with plenty of unique ways of socialising, and you will invent the most random drinking games!

Privacy? What privacy? – If you are someone who likes their space and a lot of privacy, you will need to prepare yourself, as you are going to have next to no privacy while at university. Sure, you can also go to your room when you need some time to yourself. However, there is only so much of those four walls that one person can put up with.

There is always one person that steals all of the food – If you do not have a housemate that steals everyone’s food, then you are probably the person that does it! You will be surprised by how often you go into the fridge or cupboard to find that some of your food has randomly gone missing. Plus, you will be shocked by how much of a good meal you can put together by mixing and matching random ingredients you have found in all of the cupboards.

As you can see, there are a number of different things that no one tells people about being a university student. From the free events to time management, there is a lot to take into account. However, one thing is for certain: you are in for the time of your life!

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What No One Tells You About Being A Student

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