Interior Design Hacks to Instantly Update Your Home

Interior Design Hacks to Instantly Update Your Home

If you are like me, you may find yourself wishing you could change things around your home, often. To try and give it a bit of a different look and feel. That’s OK, we all like a bit of a change from time to time. However, it can end up setting you back a small fortune if you aren’t careful. So here are some interior design hacks to instantly update your home (without costing you a fortune).

Create a Gallery Wall

If you are like me you may just love art and hands up we have more sitting around waiting to go up than we probably do on the wall. While once upon a time people liked to hand things in a singular fashion, these days creating a gallery wall, putting together frames and images of all shapes and sizes is very in fashion and can really change the whole look and feel of a room.

Small and Comfy

If you need to replace things like beds then small, comfy and cosy maybe the way to go for places like kids or guestrooms, for instance, a small double divan bed with memory foam mattress can make for a really comfortable place to lay your head.

Interior Design Hacks to Instantly Update Your Home

Cushions and Throws

Cushions and throws can quickly change the look and feel of a room, have a think about the colours and textures you use with them and the feel you want to portray, is it cosy cottage or velour castle? These items can not only change the look but also offer you a comfy place to snuggle down in after a long day.

Candles, Vases and Accessories

Small accessories, vases, candles and nicknacks can all make a difference to the look of a room, if you can it is sometimes nice to keep a box set away and a box out on display. This allows you to change them around whenever you feel and won’t cost you a penny as you already own everything to do it! So why not cut your collection in half and change it over as the season’s change.

What are you Hanging on the Wall

OK so we spoke about art, but your walls don’t have to be limited to your art collection. Are you a fan of handbags? Well, why not dot your unused ones around your bedroom? Vintage signs, records and even treasures on shelves can all make for interesting items to have on your walls.

Another option for walls and is perhaps a must is mirrors, these can help open up a room and add in light, something all of us could ask for just a little bit more of in our home.

Of course, the only thing that stops what you do is your imagination and remembers your home is your castle, so if you want to do something wild and wacky you go and do it, after all, it is you who lives there, not Susan down the road.

Do you have a favourite hack for making your rooms look fresh and new, without having to spend a fortune?

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Interior Design Hacks to Instantly Update Your Home

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  1. Love these hacks – it’s always nice to add a personal touch to your home. I’ve only recently moved into a new property in Devon and I absolutely love it but I still feel ready to add some bits and pieces of my own so that it really feels like home. I’ll definitely be investing in some throws and cushions, as well as some unusual wall hangings.

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