Viki’s Blog Content Planning Tips

Viki’s Blog Content Planning Tips

When things go to plan I have multiple blog drafts on the go and a few scheduled in. When things don’t go to plan, well, that usually means I’ve been super busy so need to fit in blogging around a packed social and work life. Either way, having a bank of content ideas is absolutely essential. Planning a whole bunch of blog posts at once cuts down on the time I spend at the start of a post planning it. Also, planning a load at once generally means my posts are more creative as it’s easier to think of bulk topics at once. Anyway, here are a few of my tips for planning blog content and don’t forget to let me know yours!

Content pillars

You blog about fashion? Great what aspects of fashion? Really drill down into the micro topics within your topic and you’ll be able to build out content pillars that theme your posts. For example, I write about a whole bunch of ‘stuff’ but my favourite posts to write are some of my thoughts pieces. These range from ‘day dream’ content (how to survive a zombie apocalypse) to mini stories about my life (fish day – don’t ask!). By building out these pillars I’m able to sit back and plan out different blog posts spreading the themes across the month.

What value does this add to the reader?

With any post you need to make sure you’re adding value to the reader. Even if it was the most fun post to write, you need to ask yourself if anyone will enjoy reading it. This doesn’t mean all your posts should be ‘tips’ type things, they can be posts that are enjoyable to read, humorous or just make the reader think about a certain topic.

Have you written about that recently?

Try to plan out your content so that it doesn’t all stick within one content pillar at once. If you’ve written quite a few restaurant reviews recently maybe throw in a recipe instead. It’s refreshing for the reader and will give your brain a bit of a break from writing in a similar format.

My biggest tip for planning blog content…

Get away from a screen. Go for a walk and talk your blog over with a friend/ partner. Most of my ideas come to me when I’m saying them out loud. Even as I write this I’m muttering random words. Everyone’s different in the way that they’re inspired but nothing beats talking something over. Whilst you’re talking about a certain blog topic of post title you’re bound to think a million more. And, if you’re discussing it with someone, so will they! I usually take a felt tip and an A3 piece of paper and just jot every theme or idea down no matter how big or small. I’ll then build them out, throw them away or develop them further into posts or a series of posts.

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Viki Bell is a London based lifestyle blogger. She writes about her adventures around the world, food she creates and fun events she’s been to. She does improv comedy and loves painting and sketching.

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  1. These are fantastic tips, and a really interesting way of planning content. I tend to jot down ideas as and when, but I definitely do mix it up and do different types of posts. I don’t like two of the same types of posts to be next to each other!

  2. I always struggled with planning, and even if I managed to achieve it, I hardly ever followed the plan… I need to try harder and try to stick to some sort of a blogging routine…

  3. I’ve been trying to plan my content better recently. I’ve suddenly had a big increase in traffic, and instead of just posting when I feel like it, I’ve been trying to daily blog. I go on holiday in a few weeks, though, so I definitely need to get a load of my drafts finished and scheduled for then!

    Louise x

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