Making the Case for Gambling-Related Content

Making the Case for Gambling-Related Content

It is quite challenging to run a business in the gambling industry, because it generally receives negative publicity. However, given the fact that a very large number of people engage in gambling as their favourite pastime activity, especially when it comes to sports betting, casino operators should really think about creating gambling-related content to improve their online visibility and raise awareness about their brand.

This is not really the case with most of the casino operators, simply because they don’t think that gambling-related content is what will attract more players and get them interested in their casino. Are they right to think so?

Is There a Place for Informative Content in the Gambling Industry?

On the one hand, one would think that casino operators are right not to waste time and resources on creating content to promote their brand, since players tend to look for promotions, coupons, vouchers and bonus codes when going online to search for “content” related to gambling. They don’t seem to be looking for engaging content pieces that will make them interested in gambling – they are already immersed in it.

On the other hand, if you create quality and informative gambling-related content, without actually praising gambling and coming off as someone who only wishes to get people to gamble at your casino, you might gain a competitive advantage and position yourself as an authority in your field.

This is especially true for online casino operators, who are competing among the massive content ocean that the internet. We’re not going to argue for Vegas or Macao casinos to start printing informative and educational brochures to lure in passer-byes, but online casino sites have half their work cut out for them – people are used to reading online. For example, a UK casino games site Simba Games has on their blog an article breaking down the chances of winning in sports betting against casino games. This is a nice example of content that is both relevant, and helpful – in a way – for their target audience.

Therefore, creating content for your business may not be a waste of time. As a matter of fact, it can help you gain credibility and trust, thereby attracting more players, but only if you really know what you are doing and make sure that you steer clear of anything that could have a negative effect on players.

What does this mean? If you want to effectively promote your casino and stand apart from your competition, you should avoid writing generic content that has little to no value. Instead, work on creating something innovative that has zero negative connotations.

Making the Case for Gambling-Related Content

What Kind of Gambling-Related Content Can You Create?

Quality gambling-related content should focus on emotions and trying to elevate the gambling experience. It should focus primarily on tips for responsible gambling and innovative ways to show the players how they can truly enjoy their gambling activities. You can create content pieces that cover the negative consequences of gambling and present advice for gambling responsibly and successfully avoiding the pitfalls of gambling addiction.

You can also create content that covers the latest news in the gambling industry, or interesting developments unfolding in the industry or its sidelines. This article on SlotSpinners, which isn’t even a casino site, reports on the rise of social slots in the US and explains how come the free-twin of the slot is outperforming its cash-hungry sibling. Genuine content, not promotional stuff.

And of course, there are the always-popular pieces focusing on celebrity gamblers, for instance, because people generally enjoy such content for taking a peek into the lives of celebrities.

You can also do a bit of research and provide a number of facts related to gambling, such as how men and women differ when it comes to gambling participation, that is, who is more prone to gambling and why, as well as who performs better in particular gambling activities. You can also focus on different age groups and provide accurate statistical facts that can truly engage your readers.

Providing top lists can also be quite interesting to players, such as top countries where gambling is most prevalent, top cities in terms of performance, top cities with the biggest number of players, top games that most of the players like, and anything similar that can attract your target audience. These are just some of the ways to create gambling content that earns big links, since this kind of content is quite shareable and can quickly become viral.

Of course, you can always recommend games, offer vouchers and bonus codes, provide tips for getting the most out of gambling, and promote special events, such as offline tournaments at your casino, for instance. Such content is always good for attracting players and raising the awareness of your brand.

What it all eventually comes down to is to come up with something that no one else has yet, so that you can effectively set yourself apart from your competition and gain authority and credibility. In this case we couldn’t really find a decent example from a casino site, but we did locate one eye-popping research by a web marketing agency describing a massive hacking scheme into US university websites for the purpose of planting casino links; not your ordinary gambling-related content, but a juicy piece of content that any gambling enthusiast would find interesting.

Only then will you be able to gain trust and dive out of the vast sea of casino operators who place no value on their players’ experience, but rather only think about their profit.

How to Craft Quality Gambling-Related Content?

The key to writing high-quality gambling-related content is to hire someone with extensive experience in the field who fully understands who your target audience is and what they actually want to read about. You need to find someone who knows how to conduct proper research and provide your readers with accurate facts, as well as someone who is innovative and can contribute lots of interesting ideas for engaging content.

There are plenty of content writers who were previously passionate players (or still are), and they can be invaluable contributors to your casino’s blog, because they actually write content from a player’s perspective and get quickly and effectively connect with their readers. Hiring one or several of such content writers can really bring a lot of value to your business and do wonders for your brand, as it can help you greatly enhance your marketing strategies for promoting online gambling.

The key takeaway from gambling-related content creation is that you should definitely do it. However, don’t do what everyone else is doing. Don’t be mediocre, repeating what everyone else is already saying. Strive to be unique and provide real value to your readers, because only then will you show that you are credible and trustworthy.

Don’t drown in the sea of competitors, but do everything you can to make your voice heard. Dare to be different, because that is exactly what will help you stand out and play with the big guns. Creating this kind of content will help you step up your game, so raise the stakes and get ready to position your brand better than ever before, eventually getting more players to visit your casino and help you grow your business.

Therefore, follow the aforementioned tips and start working on your content as soon as you can, because the sooner you begin, the sooner you will start reaping the rewards and take your business to a whole new level.

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