6 Tips to Stay Warm in the Cold

6 Tips to Stay Warm in the Cold

I’m not sure the weather has got the memo, it should be spring. What’s with all this snow! So if like me you are sat shivering in your home just dreaming of the weather heating up a little, here are some ideas to try to make you feel a little warmer.

Layers, Layers, Layers.

If you’re sat in there in a t-shirt, complaining about how cold you are, you have no one to blame but yourself. Come on! Get some layers on, think t-shirt and jumper at least; you could even look into thermals if you are a really cold person. While if you’re still cold using blankets and hot water bottles to bring in more heat can really help.

Keep on Moving.

If you can, then keep on moving. As the more active you are the more heat your body will create, making you, your own hot water bottle! If you do need to sit around a lot (like me), then wiggling your hands and toes can help keep the blood circulating better at the very least.

6 Tips to Stay Warm in the Cold

Give your Heating the Once Over.

If you’re going to be turning your heating on more you want to know it is working as efficiently as possible. If it comes down to your boiler needing new parts then making you’re sure you find the best deal is a must. For instance, you can compare central heating pumps here. They are an integral part of your heating system as they pump hot water around the home, but they don’t have to cost a fortune to replace.

Keep Hydrated.

You might not think hydration is such a big thing in winter, but it is. The cold air of winter strips our body of moisture (hello evaporation). However, our bodies don’t feel the need to drink as much as we do in hot weather. So no matter if you feel thirsty or not, keep drinking and remember a hot drink can help warm you up as well as hydrating you.

Hats, Gloves, Scarves and Sunglasses.

If you are heading out don’t forget your accessories. Making sure your extremities and head are covered can help conserve your body’s heat. While it is worth remembering that the fingers and toes are the first to experience things such as frostbite.

You might be wondering why I mention sunglasses, but the snow can actually enhance the sun’s UV rays – so making sure you are properly protected is essential.

Check for Drafts and Close Windows.

We have so many drafts in the bungalow it is hard sometimes to know where they are all coming from. However, to try to help retain heat indoors, we always try to close windows and block them out any way we can – and you should too.

So there you have some tips from me on helping keep yourself as warm as possible in this spring snow. Do you have any top tips I have missed out that help keep you feeling warm and cosy when the snow hits?

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6 Tips to Stay Warm in the Cold

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