Are you Sure Doctor?

Are you Sure Doctor?

Both Ash and I have medical issues and for both of us, it’s been a long and bumpy road. There have been times when we have wanted to scream, myself especially at the old doctor’s surgery as they missed things right in front of their eyes. However, what happens if you are misdiagnosed and left to deal with things, when you really should be getting some sort of treatment, or are being given the wrong treatment for the condition you actually have? Well, thankfully help is out there thanks to companies that will help you pursue misdiagnosis compensation, should the worst happen. However, what can you do to help the process should you fear the worst is happening?

Ask for a Second Opinion.

For this one, I guess I should tell you a true story, it’s not much of secret I suffer from mental health issues. I was at one point very intent on taking my own life in my young teens and how I didn’t, is really just a miracle. I had my own psychiatrist who would tell my parents that it’s OK if she was really depressed she wouldn’t bother taking her own life. The psychiatrist at the hospital I would go to after each attempt however, felt differently and that I was in need of more help. This conflict in opinions lead to a third opinion being sought and I was soon admitted to a psychiatric hospital. I’m unsure if that stay ever helped me, but I am sure it saved my life as I was unable to make attempts once in there.

So if you aren’t sure if you are getting the right treatment, or have been diagnosed correctly, asking for someone else to take a look can sometimes be a good idea.

Are you Sure Doctor?

Take Notes.

Make sure you know what is going on, you are able to make notes of any test results that come in, just write them down in a notebook, there are no rules against it. (However, a charge may be issued for them being printed off).

You can also log down any symptoms or side effects and when they occur, outcomes of appointments alongside your treatments, any suggestions given or anything else that you feel may be useful in the future.

Utilise the Internet.

Now the last thing you want to do is go using doctor google to try and self-diagnose. However, if you look at websites that are suggested by the medical world they can come in useful. Something I’ve found useful myself as well, are help groups on Facebook, I quickly found that I was able to piece together parts of me which were due to my illness, from posts others put up.

That said remember everyone is different and don’t look to these places for complete medical advice. Approach with caution and only when you are in the correct frame of mind.

Most of all never feel alone, there is always someone out there going through similar and trying to connect with them can make things feel a lot easier on you.

This is a collaborative post.

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Are you Sure Doctor?

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