4 Ways to Help you get Around when you have Low Mobility

4 Ways to Help you get Around when you have Low Mobility

If you follow me on my personal blog you will know I have mobility issues, just recently I reviewed some crutches to see how they would work for me compared to my old sticks. One thing I have learned over the years is what works for one, may not for another and you need to find what works for you. To give you some ideas on things that might help you, if like me you have low mobility, here are 4 ways to help you get around.

4 Ways to Help you get Around when you have Low Mobility.

4 Ways to Help you get Around when you have Low Mobility


Perhaps one of the most well known aids to help you when you have mobility issues is a wheelchair. I have one myself and it definitely does come in useful. The only issues for me are getting hit with bags (please keep an eye out for those in wheelchairs, it isn’t fun to keep getting whacked around the head) and having to rely on someone else to push me around.

Mobility Scooter.

To combat the above issues, I’ve personally been thinking about upgrading to something like the Pro Rider Disability Scooters, a compact one could fit in the car and would allow me the freedom of being able to drive myself around, when out and about. Perfect all around right?’

Sticks or Crutches.

I was personally told sticks would be much better for me than crutches for those times I need to just stretch my legs for a moment or two. However, I have always debated that in my head due to my shakes and I have definitely been impressed by the difference in stability I get from crutches having been using them for a while. That said, not everything suits everyone, so it is always worth trying out both before settling on which one suits you better.


Ok hear me out on this one, if you need a steadying hand when you walk, a rollator might be just the help you need. While many start off cheap and don’t look so cheerful, if you do find a rollator helps you keep more mobile, then try saving up a little as they are coming out with new looks all the time and some of them you might even look at and think, no way is that actually a rollator!

If you have a mobility issue, you will find what suits you is different to what suits another. So while you can look to glean ideas from different people, it is well worth getting out there and trying out different pieces of equipment for yourself. You might just be surprised about what you find works best for you in the long run.

So there are some ideas that might help you get out and about a bit more if you have mobility issues, I would love to hear from you what equipment you use if you to help you and of course if you have made the switch from wheelchair to mobility scooter I would love to hear your experiences on it.

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4 Ways to Help you get Around when you have Low Mobility

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