Live For Less

Live For Less

Does this not sound like the dream, to be able to live for less? Of course it does! We spend our time struggling to afford the things we need to afford, or at least feeling as though they cost too much. But the things we’re buying, we just can’t live without. From the gas and electric bill contract we’re tied into, to the shampoo and conditioner you need topping up every few weeks. It’s just a nightmare! If you do a monthly spending plan, we guarantee that the price of everything just keeps going up and up as you’re writing your list, which is something you definitely don’t want to happen. So what if we were to tell you, it’s really not that hard to live for less? Well, it’s not that hard to live for less. A few simple changes to the way you spend, and a few new habits to adopt, and you could find yourself living for less in no time.

The Discounts That Count

Discounts always count, but the amount of people that pass up an opportunity to save some money through a discount is unreal. Just think about the clothing sales that you have. You’ve got the people who rush to the sales rack to find a bargain, and you’ve got the people who wonder around the store, looking at the full priced clothes. Now, if you’re the second one, you’re missing out. It doesn’t matter whether it’s clothes, food, toiletries etc. a discount is still a discount. One way you can make sure that you’re always getting a discount, is by visiting websites such as to see what you can find. Websites like that have vouchers for so many different companies, you should find yourself spoilt for choice. You could also try keeping your eye out for anything in the papers! There’s always a section that has vouchers in for your shopping that you might benefit from. Some people hate the thought of always using vouchers, but nobody is going to judge, and you could potentially save so much from it.

Live For Less

It’s All About The Internet

The internet is the best place you want to look. Not only can you find great voucher sites, such as the one we’ve mentioned, but you can also find so many discounts through online shopping. Let’s use a clothes store as an example. The store will only have a selection of the items that are on the website, and an even smaller fraction on sale. If you go onto the website, you should be able to find so many discounts in the sale section, and it’ll be so much easier for you to locate the items that you want. Some stores have separate online sales as well, where you should be able to get a reduced rate than you would if you were in store. What’s even better, you can get discounts on delivery, and there’s always new customer offers floating about that we know you’re going to benefit from.

Reducing Home Costs

Isn’t this something we all want to do? Reducing the cost of running your home is never going to be easy. There are so many different aspects to it, such as the food shop, bills etc. that it can just be hard to manage. However, if you’re not tied into any contracts with the companies that pay your bills, you might be able to get their prices down easier than you first thought. All you need to do is ring them up, and threaten to cancel your agreement with them. They’ll instantly ask you why, and if you say it’s due to price, we guarantee you’re going to be able to get some money off, or even some money back. They’ll do anything to keep you! The same goes for your phone bill and any other bills that you might have.

Reducing The Cost Of Big Purchases

Sometimes you have to put your hand in your pocket, and we all hate to do that. Big purchases might only come around every so often, but when they do they’re so annoying. One big one that people forget about it broken appliances, such as the fridge or oven. When they break, think about going second hand! You can save so much money by buying second-hand appliances, yet so many people turn their nose up at the idea. Just because it’s second hand, doesn’t mean that it’s just going to break on you, or that it’ll look tatty. Some look brand new, and have only been used for a month or two!

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Live For Less

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