5 Simple Ways to Make Money From Your Kitchen Table

5 Simple Ways to Make Money From Your Kitchen Table

Nowadays, the idea of a dream job has been replaced with people talking about their dream business, as we are living in a time where empowered entrepreneurs are everywhere… admittedly, not on the scale of Richard Branson, but what most people really crave today is a lifestyle business that allows the freedom to live life on their terms, rather than being beholden to someone else.

We all seem to crave freedom, and the ingredients of freedom appear to be pretty simple; it’s simply having both the time and money to live life on your own terms.

For this reason, a lot of people are looking into the possibility of setting up a business from home, around the metaphorical kitchen table.  Now, some people might call this a side hustle, whilst others view their entrepreneurial plans as something with high growth potential, but the fact is we are all looking for ways to make an income that doesn’t take up too much of our precious time!

The general advice is to focus your business on something you are passionate and knowledgeable about, as this way, you will avoid the steep learning curve required to learn a new industry, as this way you will be able to anticipate the problems and see the potential pitfalls.  Also, when you are doing something passion-based, it doesn’t feel so much like “work”.

5 Simple Ways to Make Money From Your Kitchen Table

That said, not everyone is looking to set up a home-based business, as this can be quite a challenge where success isn’t guaranteed.  Indeed, some people prefer to make money from their kitchen table in less involved ways, such as through investing in other companies or engaging in more simple activities such as market research questionnaires.

Here are five ways you can make money from your kitchen table that can offer you more freedom in your life.  The first two don’t require much effort at all, and the final three, do require effort but provide a long-term income for short-term effort.


One of the most interesting ways to make money online is to do something called match betting; this is where you take advantage of the free bets promoted by betting sites.  This practice is not gambling, as such, as the risk of losing money is eliminated because you are betting both for and against a particular outcome – meaning when one bet inevitably loses the other one will win.

For instance, in football, let’s say Manchester United were playing Chelsea, you would bet on Chelsea to win (on one site) and Manchester United to win (on the other site).  One will inevitably win, and one will inevitably lose, but that doesn’t matter — as the way this generates money is by using the free bets online casinos and gambling houses offer as incentives.


Filling out online surveys can be done in your spare time, for instance, whilst watching TV.  This isn’t going to get you a huge amount of money, but for just a few minutes filling out a form and answering a few questions, you should be able to make around $5; which over time, mounts up.


You don’t have to be an extraordinary writer to set up and monetise a blog; you do, of course, need a subject that is interesting to enough people to have a big enough flow of traffic to your site.  A blog can be a very profitable and simple way to make money from your kitchen table; particularly if it is combined with affiliate marketing.


Today, there are plenty of app developers that can help turn your app idea into a reality, for not as much as you might think.  See, you could spend hundreds if not thousands of hours trying to learn to build your own app, but time does have a cost associated with it, and often it’s more efficient to outsource such technical tasks.

The great thing about developing an app, is once it’s done, you can leverage it multiple times and developing a stream of passive income that isn’t contingent on you swapping your time for money.


Many people dream of writing a book, yet never get around to doing it, because they feel overwhelmed by the prospect.  The truth is most people have a book in them, as we all have unique experiences that we have learned from and are in the position to package our knowledge into a book that can help others; even if this is just an ebook sold on Amazon, and you make £3 per sale, if you sell just 100 books a month, that’s an extra £300.

If you are looking for more ways to make money then this post from Careful Cents will help you with a whole host of ideas to put you on the right path.

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5 Simple Ways to Make Money From Your Kitchen Table

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