Boost Your Budget With a Blog: Start Earning Money With Your Site

Boost Your Budget With a Blog_ Start Earning Money With Your Site

Blogging is a fun hobby but it can also be an excellent way to earn money. Whether you aim to go full time, part time or just earn yourself a bit of pocket money every now and again- blogging can allow you to do so right from the comfort of your own home. But it takes hard work and you have to go about things in the right way, here are some things to consider.

Don’t Overlook Aesthetics

When it comes to writing a blog, you might think that the content is all that matters. While content will always be king, many people won’t actually stick around to read it if your site puts them off. Cluttered ads, fonts and colours that don’t work well together and not being properly optimised can all make your blog look a jumbled mess and mean no one wants to give the content a chance. As with any kind of business, you need to spend money to make money and investing a little into your design is always worthwhile. You can find inexpensive or even free responsive templates online, or you could pay extra and have a web designer create something especially for you. It should look smart and professional and be visually pleasing.

Boost Your Budget With a Blog_ Start Earning Money With Your Site

Create Excellent Content

Once you have a blog that looks inviting and draws people in, you of course want to keep them reading and coming back for more and so you need excellent content. Articles should always be well researched and well written, use proofreading or grammar checking software to make sure everything is the best it can be. One thing that’s worth doing is writing an article and instead of publishing it right away, save it to a draft. Come back the next day and read it with fresh eyes, as you’re able to spot mistakes far more easily. Use stunning pictures to bring your words to life, you could work on your photography skills and take your own or use free stock images. Sites like Pexels have beautiful lifestyle type photos in all different niches that are ideal for bloggers.

Register for a Domain

When you sign up for a blog, your blog’s name will end in something like ‘’ or ‘’ depending on the site you have chosen to go with. While this functions fine, it doesn’t look very professional and can actually put off sponsors from working with you. And if you want to earn money from your blog then this isn’t something to overlook. It doesn’t cost much to register for a domain and link this to your blog, and can be the difference between a sponsor wanting to work with you and overlooking you entirely. Your domain looks more professional, and you can choose things like, .com, .net, .co and more depending on where you are in the world and what kind of domain best suits your site.

Get Networking

One of the very best things you can do for your blog is network with other bloggers. This sounds very business like but isn’t the case at all- you can do this just by chatting to them, making friends, supporting them by commenting and sharing their posts and attending blogger meet ups if you want to meet in person. Chances are they will do the same for you, and you could meet some life long friends in the process. Doing this will help your blog to reach a wider audience, and you and your blogging network can help each other out. Use Twitter to find blogger chats and search related hashtags to find others blogging in your niche.

Invest in Professional Help

Blogging is great because you can start it and write, create excellent content and have fun without spending a penny. However if you want to go the distance and make money from your blog then there comes a time when you really need to invest money into it. Treat it like a business to achieve true success. One thing all businesses need is of course the right marketing and advertising, as this is what will get you seen by people who are likely to be interested in you. It will gain you the followers, clicks and interest that you need which will eventually lead to interest from sponsors. Find a marketing agency who can help you to achieve this, ideally one who has experience working in bloggers.  You could also get specialist IT help, you can see from this source what the value of a dedicated IT director can bring to you as a blogger and business in general. Instead of trial and error and working things out yourself, get professional help when needed.

You Need to Register and Pay The Correct Taxes

It goes without saying that anyone who is earning an income needs to pay the correct taxes, and this includes bloggers earning money from home. The overall process depends on the country you’re in, what other income you have and other factors- however in most cases it will just be a case of registering as a sole trader and completing a tax return every year. You will do this even if you’re an employee elsewhere and pay tax on that income. I can seem a little scary and complicated at first, but usually you will just need to complete a few forms online and pay what you owe each year- you get from April to January the following year to work out your tax and get everything paid up to date. You could even hire an accountant and have them deal it all if you prefer so there’s very little hassle to you. Get yourself into the habit of putting away 20% of each month’s earnings so that come tax time you’re not stuck with a big bill you can’t pay. If that happens you will get penalties and be charged interest.

Are you an established blogger hoping to take things to the next level? Or are you already earning money with your website?

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Boost Your Budget With a Blog_ Start Earning Money With Your Site

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