Freelance Writers Guide: Preventing 3 Common Pitfalls

Freelance Writers Guide: Preventing 3 Common Pitfalls

There are an abundance of positives that are attached to being a freelance writer. Such as, the ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world (however usually this just means being in the comfort of your home, with tea on tap and the option to wear pyjamas at your leisure) and the flexibility of working hours that best suit you, (which benefits you to make better use of your peak energy levels at different times of the day and to work around other responsibilities and commitments), being a writer seems too good to be true, and to a degree you could be right!

There are of course the drawbacks of freelancing, which on occasion rear their ugly heads to dampen your mood. But that’s okay because so long as we can identify potential future problems before they happen, we can make a solution to prevent it, which is what we’ve done for you below.

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With no time limits for working as a freelancer like a set 9-5 job, all hours of the day and night are game for doing more writing work and making money. This leaves you with a lack of structure to help you to distinguish when it’s time for you to clock out for fun, chill time and self-care. Unfortunately, without you being fit and well, the writing projects you accumulate throughout the day and night while sacrificing on you time to make extra cash, will eventually cease as you burn out. The answer’s simple to say, however less so to implement, but freelance writers need to dedicate time for themselves, to sleep, eat, have fun and be human.

Keeping track

The ultimate bear trap of being freelance is voluntarily remaining oblivious too and laying little to no significance on the importance of keeping track of absolutely everything. Until it’s too late, and snap, the taxing trap has caught you and is demanding money. As if being a writer wasn’t tasking enough you must now become an expert in account management to avoid the HMRC ripping your rug of money from underneath you.

If you’re not particularly a whizz with numbers or not massively concerned about keeping track of important stuff and haven’t a clue about things like the IR35 tax legislation, you may need to delegate your finances to someone who does it for a living such as a specialist IR35 accountant. Just to prevent your writing empire from going up in flames.

Lack Of Work

The opposite of burning out as a writer is being incredibly bored from a drought of writing work. Alongside not flexing your writing muscles, the biggest issue with this is the unstable income, as this can spell bad news for paying for the necessities to keep you warm, fed and watered. However, drought isn’t the only reason your pay ceases from time to time, it could be because your sick and bed bound, unable to lift the hand for the pen and only just about for a tissue.

Freelance work doesn’t pay on sick days nor holidays, so what can you do about this? As you should be allocating a percentage of your money for tax purposes and pension, do the same for sickness, holidays and maternity. This will make sure when the rainy day or bundle of joy arrives, you’ll have enough money to tide you over and get you through without eating tinned beans on your timeout from work.

By implementing the above solutions to save yourself from burnout, account issues and a work drought while working as a freelance writer, you can relax and do what you do best. Write!

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Freelance Writers Guide: Preventing 3 Common Pitfalls

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