Great Old Fashioned Words Bloggers Really Should Bring Back!

Great Old Fashioned Words Bloggers Really Should Bring Back!

The English language is certainly full of some pretty odd words and the list is a constantly shifting one. Every year there are new words added to the dictionary that were slang and have become normal. The idea that someone 100 years ago would have to try and understand the very “to Google” is mind blowing. This eccentricity most English speakers love can prove really tricky for people learning the language too! A leading teacher from online language website Perfectly Spoken said “one of the two major issues with learning English is the vast array of semi slang and historic words that people commonly use”. While this is really hard for those learning the language it can also be a great deal of fun for those already fluent so here is a fun list of some very old fashioned words that we should bring back! Bloggers control a great deal of the written word people consume and so have a big influence. It would be so much fun of we all got together and brought back some classics!


An old English dialect word to describe an unknown noise! What a wonderful word to use? It even sounds like a random noise you might here from your heating or car. This is just so much fun and anyone reading this will no doubt start using it! Would the mechanic at your local garage understand if you said “ I can hear a gruttling under the bonnet, can you help?” even if they didn’t it would be fun saying it!


This is another cracker. It is hard to believe a large bed company hasn’t used this one in a big ad campaign already! It is a word to describe heading off to bed! “night night, I’m bedward.” It is one of those wonderful words that describes the act in such a simple way. It is odd that this word ever stopped being used on a daily basis.

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Once again, a simple word to describe something that we choose to use more words for. In this age of portmanteaux it is odd that this word isn’t popular. As a language and certainly in the UK we are always looking for shorter ways to say the same thing.  Overmorrow means the day after tomorrow! The film might have been less appealing if it was simply called Overmorrow but in all other aspects this word is brilliant.


A very short word that simply means “see you soon”. While there are lots of alternatives most are slang like “laterz”. “See you anon” has a certain class about it that we should all embrace.


A very odd word once used to as a warning to those below your window as you throw the contents of your bedpan out. While we may not do such things anymore it is a really good “urgent” version of excuse me that could really help up the stakes. It might be especially useful for parents needing to get through a crowd with a baby doing something toilet related or a child needing the toilet. “gardyloo, gardyloo!!!”


This is one for all those people who have to suffer though business meetings with people who love using annoying business terms that mean nothing. Taradiddle is a word used to describe pretentious nonsense”. It is a really nice all encompassing “non-rude” word that could be used so often these days!

Giggle Water

Sadly not an English term as such this American old fashioned term was used in prohibition times to describe, yes you guessed it, alcohol! What better way to describe a drink or two that giggle water. This one really should come back!

With this list alone you can inject some fun new terms into your blogging. While you may have a few questions and comments at least you will know people are reading it. You might even be trying to find ways to keep people’s attention in a presentation for other bloggers and what better way than to drop in a “taradiddle” or two…but make sure you don’t create a presentation that ironically is tarradiddle itself.

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Great Old Fashioned Words Bloggers Really Should Bring Back!

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