Fashion Friction: Why You Need To Experiment

Fashion Friction: Why You Need To Experiment

Of all the areas in our lives, fashion is something we usually play safe. We either consciously or subconsciously make the decision to keep up with modern trends. It’s a human reflex and strategy to want to be accepted by the people around us. We, therefore, conform rather than go our own way in the way we dress. This almost transcends all the ages, whether you’re old, young or somewhere in between. It’s only natural so don’t think of yourself as someone that is a mindless sheep. Not experimenting, or mixing up your ever-changing wardrobe with your own style is, however, becoming just another fashion sheep. But how do you experiment with clothes and different styles? It’s more than just going out and buying items you would avoid. Philosophically, approach the situation as blending a style that you already like, with another style that you either don’t know much about or can find similarities with. For example, if you like streetwear, you can mix in classic urban, chic, or B-boy fashion. The key is to be at home with fashion friction, and never be afraid to experiment.

A bang of colour

The colour schemes you wear can tell you a lot about yourself. If you have more dark tones in your wardrobe than lighter ones, you are someone that is more likely to be closed off, a bit of a loner, be more subtle and mysterious. The opposite can be said about those with more bright tones as these people tend to be more bubbly, outgoing and not afraid to get noticed. A simple way to start experimenting would be to take one item of clothing and contrast it with the rest of the outfit just by using colour. If you wear a classic urban style such as jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt and jacket, how about offsetting this outfit with a bang of colour? You can wear blues, greys, blacks and browns, but your shoes can be a burgundy, all white, an emerald green or perhaps multicoloured. All it has to be is one piece of clothing, to inject a little-perceived imbalance that actually gives your outfit more balance as you connect different attitudes together. It sounds simple because it is, and often when something is simple, it’s going to be more effective.

Age old punk

Rock n’ Roll was the naughty child of the music world and that’s why everybody flocked to it. But it become mainstream and out of it, Punk Rock became the new rebel that also spurred a separatist fashion style. Rockers wore their hair long, punks deliberately made theirs short. Rockstars wore an eclectic fashion, but punks made sure they made jet black clothes the new cool style. Out of which, came the weird and interesting world of piercings. Whereas rockers would get their ears pierced, punks said nothing was off limits. You can still see this influence in today’s fashion, with earrings that travel up the side edge of the ear, nose rings, bridge studs and lip piercings. You can incorporate this style into your own fashion without actually having to go through with any actually permanent piercings. There are fake piercings that you can buy such as nose rings, ear stretchers, septum piercing and earplugs to name a few categories. It’s better to buy from a specialist company than off the high street as the tightness is going to be key. You don’t want your fake piercing falling off and ruining the illusion. Abnormal piercings can be worn with the most modern fashion styles, such as hipster, streetwear, tomboy, urban and summer denim to name a few.

Why experiment?

Staying in your comfort zone is, well, comfortable. However if you really care about fashion and the impact it can have on your life, you need to experiment. You won’t experience things that you could otherwise. The way we look is very personal, so if you begin to limit yourself, you’re allowing others to dictate what is and isn’t good on you. Being able to wear or blend different styles, is a way or mentally expressing yourself and saying you can adapt and cannot be controlled. For every person that cares about their looks and presentation, these two aspects in a fashion sense are tough to attain but are seen as the ultimate goals.

All the fashion icons of the world are experts in experimenting. They are the ones that set trends because they dare to be different. Whether it’s a simple love of colour that they exhibit throughout their wardrobe, a historical knowledge of certain items and styles, or because they don’t want to feel limited, they will take their own fashion to new heights.

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Fashion Friction: Why You Need To Experiment

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