Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook? Here’s How To Improve Your Cooking

Can't Cook, Won't Cook? Here's How To Improve Your Cooking

Ever heard the saying ‘can’t cook, won’t cook’? Well, it was actually a popular TV series in the 90s where amateur cooks learned to cook all sorts of tasty meals. However, it’s also a common excuse for many people not to cook for themselves.

So why do you need to cook? A diet of takeaways and ready meals isn’t exactly nutritional, and can you honestly say that they taste better than a home-cooked meal? Unlikely. Being able to cook for yourself is a vital skill, and the truth is that anyone can learn to cook if they’re willing to put the time in.

Can't Cook, Won't Cook? Here's How To Improve Your Cooking

Ready to don your apron and start whipping up some tasty treats? Here are some easy ways to improve your cooking.

Start with some basics

Before you start cooking up elaborate three-course meals, you need to master the basics first. Simple cooking tasks like using eggs or cooking pasta can be a good foundation for other recipes and gives you something to start with. As you get more confident, try some easy recipe ideas to help you put together dishes with more ingredients which don’t require much skill.

Get some help

A little help in the kitchen is always appreciated, and if you tend to struggle to multitask with prep and cooking then an extra pair of hands could be what you need to feel in control. Get a friend, partner or relative to be your sous-chef so that you can focus on creating tasty dishes without worrying about doing everything at once.

Take a course

Cookery courses not only teach you some valuable cooking skills, but they’re a lot of fun too. An enjoyable activity to do with your partner, a friend or as a way to meet new people – you can’t go wrong with a good cookery course. You can start off with some basic classes in how to make bread or pasta, before moving onto something more complicated. Le Cordon Bleu cookery courses aren’t as intimidating as they seem, and you could learn some amazing cooking skills as part of a short course. Cookery courses make great gifts, so why not ask for some for your next birthday or Christmas?

Blog about it

Sometimes the best way to progress in something is to document your efforts. By starting a blog about your cooking efforts, you can get encouragement from others to help you carry on, while also giving you a fun hobby. You’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come in the space of a few weeks and it will make the whole thing feel much more like a challenge. You can even make a blog content plan to give yourself some goals to work towards over the coming months.

One of the key things that will help you improve your cooking skills is to simply enjoy it! Cooking can be a lot of fun and extremely satisfying when you’ve made a tasty dish all by yourself. Take it one step at a time, follow instructions and over time your cooking will improve. Next step, Masterchef!

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Can't Cook, Won't Cook? Here's How To Improve Your Cooking

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