Boot Trends to Watch in 2018

Boot Trends to Watch in 2018

Well here we are, nearing the end of February 2018 already and many people are wondering what trends will be hitting the shops this year. Will we like what’s on trend or will we be not so fussed? I guess only time will tell what we all decided to add to our wardrobes in the long run, but for now here are some boot trends that I think will be big in 2018.

Boot Trends to Watch in 2018

Boot Trends to Watch in 2018

Cowboy Boots

Kick off this year with a new pair of cowboy boots, not only are they going to keep you warmer in the colder weather and look mighty fine. But they are likely to see you through to the festival season as well, offering a great book to wear when you are treating the fields and dancing to music. What more could a person ask for?

Over the Knee Boots

Now I completely admit this ia trend I have never been able to pull off, but for those who love it and can rock it. You will be glad to know that this trend doesn’t look like it is going to die of yet. What’s more if you need a new pair, you have to check out the Uppersole Over the Knee Boots collection, after all, they have a great selection and you might just find your next pair to fall in love with.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are something we all need to have in our boot collection. If you want to get in on this year’s trends, then it is looking like block heels and metallics may just be the way to go, with some gorgeous pieces hitting the shops. Or if you want to go for something really off the wall clear plastic seems to be something that is being noticed on the catwalks, while curved heels offer a trend that is being spotted through all different shoe types.

Chelsea Boots

if you purchased a pair of Chelsea Boots in 2017 and are keeping your fingers crossed for them staying in style. Well, rejoice as the trend doesn’t seem to be calming down quite yet, at least. So pull them on with pride and know your purchase was a good one. If you had been holding off as you just aren’t sure where the trend was going, the choice of colours and patterns is only growing so go treat yourself!

Combat Boots

For those who are partial to an edgy look and revel comfortable style then you will be in for a treat as combat boots are on their way in (again). Can anyone ever keep a combat boot trend at bay? I think not! And it is most definitely a trend I am more than happy to jump on board with once again, as even I can pull this one off.

So, there you have a few ideas for boot trends to watch in 2018, what do you think of this line up, do any styles, in particular, take your fancy?

This post was written in collaboration with Uppersole.

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Boot Trends to Watch in 2018

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  1. I really like Chelsea boots – I practically live in mine. I’m not convinced about over the knee boots, though they do look amazing on other people!

  2. I love the final three styles but not so sure about the first two – especially over the knee. I always loved the look for other people but they don’t look or fit quite right on my larger calves. Maybe I’ll have to give it another go

  3. I love my Chelsea boots and it’s always great when they are still on trend each year! I don’t think they ever grow old!

  4. Oh my gosh, those floral boots in the photo are gorgeous! I’m such a sucker for a pair of ankle boots and have far more than I need already but I’d actually love some cowboy boots!

  5. My sister has discovered DMs and is now practically wedded to them. I prefer something a bit slinkier with a heel – not that I can actually walk in those though.

  6. I’ve never been keen on the over-the-knee boots but i have a pair of chelsea boots which are my go-to pair for most outfits. I practically live in them over the Autumn/Winter months.

  7. I absolutely love a good boot. I have a pair that I’ve had since high school, and have no plans of giving them up anytime soon.

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