5 Ways to Let More Light into Your Home


Winter can be a pain when it comes to blogging and taking photographs for posts, there seems to be a very small window on a good day that allows you to take photos, other than that shadows and the dark can be a nightmare. So, of course, you have to try and utilise the daylight as best as you can while thinking up ways to bring more light into your home as well.

If (like me) you are trying to bring more light into your home to make taking blogging photographs easier here are 5 tips from me to you.

5 Ways to Let More Light into Your Home

Clean Those Windows.
Come on let’s be honest with each other, when was the last time you cleaned your windows, both inside and out? I bet it was a while ago, it is winter after all. However, did you know even a little build up can stop some of the light entering your home? Something which is a big thing when you are a blogger and need every little bit of light coming on in.

Think About the Lighting in the Home.
One great thing about blogging is you can add props to your photos and you can always add light with those props. For instance, if you’re interested in personalised lighting – click here. While carnival lights and special studio lights for photography can also be getting additions for your blogging kit.

Plant in a window

Think About the Time of Day.
I’ve noticed personally there is a small window where the sun comes through the hall window and as I take my photos on the sideboard beside it, I try and plan out time around that window for photograph taking when needed. So why not keep an eye on the light in the areas you personally use and try and work out the best timing.

Position Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces Around. 
Mirrors and reflective surfaces such as glass and photography reflectors can be great at helping direct more light into the room. If you have an area you know you will always use then a mirror may be a good option, however, movable items such as reflectors made for photography can be a great help both when you are photographing at home and away.

Light and Bright.
The colours you use around the home can help make the area feel darker or lighter. Try using light colours in the areas you wish to take photos. However, don’t feel you have to go white, colours such as light greys, light tans and creams can work just as well, as the dreaded white. If you really don’t want to go for full-on light, then adding light accents can help.

So there you have 5 ways to let more light into your home. Which will work in any home, not just those of bloggers looking to take photos at this time of year.

Do you have a top tip for letting light into the home, that I have perhaps forgotten about?

This post was written in collaboration with Urban Cottage Industries.

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  1. These tips are really useful! My house is so dark, I really struggle to take good blog photos indoors. I can only take them in my spare room next to the window at certain times of the day when the sun is shining. Nightmare!

  2. Fab ideas Sarah, it really is hard to get the right lighting this time of year. I’ve got a light box I like to use for photographing small/medium items which works really well and reccomend getting.

  3. My house is always so dark, especially during the winter times. I always used to take my photos underneath the window before I got my studio lighting! Some good tips here though x

  4. You’ve just reminded me that I need to clean my windows. They look shocking at the mo! Not sure cleaning them will let much more light in at the mo as I don’t think it’s got properly light outside for at least a week, but it would be nice to have clean glass all the same. LOL. You’ve shared some great tips here, Sarah. I’ll have to give some of them a go 🙂

    Louise x

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