What To Buy The Golf Lover In Your Life

I am a golf widow. There, I said it. My partner is golf obsessed, my son is golf obsessed. The men on my partner’s side love golf and the men in my family love golf so there’s always someone willing to go round the course with them. The winter has seen them not playing as much as they usually do but the summer months will soon be here and they will be playing a lot more than normal.

However, just because the weather isn’t always the best, it doesn’t mean that they won’t get round the course. They just have to dress appropriately for the occasion. With my partner’s birthday and Valentines Day recently and with Father’s Day in a few months time, I’ve been thinking of some gifts he will appreciate and I know what he will love – golf gifts.

So what can you buy the golf lover in your life?

Golf Clubs

If you aren’t working to a tight budget, then perhaps see if they are in need of a new club of some sort. My father in law was recently in need of a new driver so we all split the cost to buy him it for his birthday. This isn’t the best gift idea if you are working to a budget but if money is no object, a golf lover will never object to a new club.


The game of golf comes with many accessories – you will need tees, golf towels, a golf bag, golf club covers. The list is endless. A golfer can never have enough tees so these are always a handy and affordable gift idea.


Perhaps one of the most important parts of the game. Balls are again something that no golfer can ever have enough of – sometimes you are lucky to get your ball back but sometimes it is completely lost. I’ve lost count of the amount of balls my partner has gone through in the years he has played golf so we always make sure he has some new or pre used ones at home for the next time he plays should he require them.


Finally – and one of the golfing items most people forget can be a great gift idea – golf clothing. I think the majority of my partners wardrobe now is golf clothing – he’s got golf shirts, sleeveless jumpers and trousers galore. One thing he is in dire need of though is some waterproofs – he only has one pair so if he gets caught short in the rain, he needs to get them cleaned quick if he is meant to be playing the next day. I’ve been looking for some new ones for him and found a great site – for waterproof golf trousers, take a look here. There are some really affordable trousers and they are in a wide range of colours – there is so much choice which you don’t always find with golf clothing.

These are my suggestions of what you can buy the golf lover in your life – do you have any other ideas? I’d love to hear them – I am always looking for inspiration.

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