10 Simple Lessons For All Home-Based Bloggers

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Blogging for business from the comfort of your home can be the perfect job for a whole host of reasons. It’s flexible, lets you earn money from writing about things you love, and puts you in charge of your destiny. Nonetheless, several steps need to be taken if this route is going to work out for your career and lifestyle.

Here are 10 simple lessons that will keep you on the right track. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

#1. First Impressions Are Vital

When readers visit your website, they’ll often form a decision on whether to stay within the first five seconds. Reading web host reviews will help you ensure that downtime is almost non-existent while loading times are fast. Meanwhile, it’s imperative that you find a website design – even if it’s a template – that looks great on mobile as well as PC browsers.

A professional logo, a great colour scheme, and good navigation will work wonders. If the website looks the part, it’ll give you the strongest platform for success.

#2. Routine Is Still Required

Blogging is a career that offers a great deal of flexibility and can be built to fit around existing commitments and family duties. However, you must avoid the threat of letting this versatility stand in the way of productivity. Routine is vital, which is why you should build a dedicated office space and set yourself a routine of when you will work on the project.

Aside from aiding the productivity, this helps readers know when to expect fresh content from the site or its social media channels.

#3. Write About What You Know

As a new blogger, it can be tempting to copy the most successful bloggers on the planet by writing about the same things they do. While chasing the biggest possible audience seems like a great plan, it’s better to write about the things you feel passionate about. This will allow you to unearth your writing style, and show the insight that readers want. There is an audience for your niche.

If nothing else, writing about the things you love will make it feel less like work and more like a hobby. This will be particularly beneficial during the challenging times.

#4. It’s Not A Business Unless You’re Making Money

For some people, blogging for recreational reasons is enough. However, if you’re eager to turn the blog into a business, it’s imperative that the venture makes money. Understanding advertising revenue through Google Adsense is a great starting point. However, merchandising and selling additional services should not be overlooked. This can include writing guest posts for others.

Many bloggers find that it pays to have a job, even a part-time one, on the side. This reduces a lot of the pressure for instant success, allowing the brand to grow in a more natural manner.

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#5. You Needn’t Go It Alone

The vast majority of bloggers enter this arena thinking that it is them against the world. In reality, outside help can. This review of Screaming Frog underlines how your web visibility can be improved via professional support. Meanwhile, it’s often possible to collaborate with other bloggers to create even greater content. Or you could just hire freelancers to work for your site.

Blogging is a unique industry in that you can share an audience with other bloggers. You aren’t competing for the same sale. Embrace it.

#6. A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Your ability to engage an audience is integral to the ongoing success of the venture. Particularly in terms of building a strong following. However, words aren’t your only tool. The opportunity to use various media types is one of the great rewards of working online. Investing in a camera that also shoots video is ideal. This visual content gives greater insight and is easier for audiences to digest.

If nothing else, mixing it up allows you to find out what your audience likes and dislikes before making the right changes.

#7. A Healthy Blogger Is A Better Blogger

When starting a blog, it’s good to throw yourself into the project with a great sense of commitment. Still, you cannot afford to let this desire compromise your health. Blogging at home, alone, can put a strain on your mental health but a good social life will soon end that. Meanwhile, taking care of your eyes, hands, and general well being should be on the agenda. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

The harsh reality is that continued health struggles will plague your blog too. Most importantly, though, your health is more significant than any business ever could be.

#8. Your Readers Are A Huge Asset

As already mentioned, you needn’t go it alone in the world of blogging. However, professional support isn’t the only source of help. This Niche Hacks review of affiliate programs should allow you to find the best options. In many cases, simply creating posts that encourage interaction will see readers spread the word on your behalf.

Create a community vibe in which the readers feel a part of the progress, and you should see noticeable improvements in traffic and revenue.

#9. Readers Demand Safety

If your blog plans to sell items, it will be necessary to invest in the right data protection and security. But even if you don’t take this route, all online users need to know that their details are safe. Ensuring that you have data encryption and other key data protection items in place is vital. Otherwise, you will find that people are apprehensive about providing their details.

Given the importance of email marketing and readership insights, you cannot afford to get the safety elements wrong.

#10. This Can Be The Job Of Your Dreams… If You Let It

Deciding to start a blog isn’t an instantaneous decision. It’s one that you’ll have considered for some time, and it does have the potential to be your dream job. Many bloggers are living fantastic lives thanks to their blogging activities. You can too, but only if you give it the attention it deserves. Approach it half-heartedly, and it will show.

Make sure that the business is your baby while taking note of the issues above, and your hopes of success will be far greater.

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  1. I find the biggest challenge is making time around family, the 9-5, and friends. Without the kids (they’re all grown up), many routines aren’t there and decisions are made on the spur of the moment, to go out, go visiting and so on.
    I’m gradually getting it together by improving my “on the go” techniques and making the best of available time. It’s all about maximizing efficiencies! (Hints – use the cloud and markdown!)
    But it’s also about balance – stressing about blogging will not get you anywhere. You need to work with the tools that are available.

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