Why Boats Are The Best Way To Travel

Why Boats Are The Best Way To Travel

The worst part about travelling is that actual travel itself. There’s nothing that exciting about going on a plane for hours or sitting in a cramped car, especially in a hot country. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Boat travel is often overlooked because it takes longer and people just want to get the travel out of the way so they can enjoy the country that they’re visiting. But boat travel is actually a great way to get around and it can really enrich your experience. If you’ve written off boat travel in the past, here are 4 things that might change your mind.

It’s More Exciting

The first time you fly, it’s pretty exciting. But every time after that it’s just a bit of a pain. Queuing for ages in airport security and then sitting on an uncomfortable plane for hours, eating horrible food. Driving or getting the train isn’t that exciting either, you do it all the time at home. True, you’ll see some new sights along the way but it’s still not that fun. But yacht holidays make for something different to the usual holiday; the journey itself becomes part of the experience. Instead of driving along boring roads, you can sail across the ocean and see amazing marine life and beautiful coastlines along the way. The experience of being on a boat and seeing how it all works is pretty exciting as well because it isn’t something that you get to do every day.

Why Boats Are The Best Way To Travel

It’s Cheaper

Travel can get pretty expensive these days and most of that money usually goes on flights. Even if you can get budget flights, you have to factor in the cost of parking at the airport or getting a taxi there as well as all of the extra luggage costs. If you’re struggling to cover all of those costs and you need to find a way to cut the cost of your summer holiday, travelling by boat is a good way to do it. It’s often cheaper than flying and you don’t usually have to pay any extra charges for your luggage.

More Comfortable

This is a big one, especially if you’re travelling with the family. Being stuck in the car or on a plane for hours on end is never comfortable. You can’t get up and walk around that much and you don’t have that much to entertain yourself while you travel. If you’re on a boat, you can get up and wander around the deck whenever you like, grab a drink or a bite to eat and just relax. You’ll never even realise that you’re travelling.

More Social

Meeting people along the way is one of the best things about travel but you don’t always get the opportunity to do that if you travel by car, bus or plane. People aren’t in the mood for chatting when they’re stuck on a plane after hours of waiting in line at the airport. But on a boat, everybody is a lot more relaxed, you’ve got time on your hands and you’ll find that people are a lot more social.

Travelling by boat does take longer but that’s not really a downside because you can actually enjoy the journey and you’ll pay less for it.

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Why Boats Are The Best Way To Travel

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