5 Ways To Ensure Your Horse Is Living A Happy and Healthy Life

Horses are beautiful animals but definitely take a lot of care and attention. Do you know exactly how to ensure your horse is living a healthy and happy life? Luckily most people are prepared to put in the time and effort it takes to look after a horse but unfortunately some aren’t. Whether you already own a horse or are planning to in the future, here are five ways to ensure your horse is both healthy and happy with you.


Keep them hydrated

Fresh water is vital. All living things need water to survive and horses are no different. Much like we need a drink with our food, horses need fresh water alongside the hay or grass that they have been eating. If they don’t get enough water, this can compact which would not be good for the horse – or for you.


Ensure they are eating healthily

A balanced horse diet is so important. You need to make sure they are getting all the nutrients they need from their diet so do your research properly to find out what they need and what you should avoid. Make sure they are getting enough roughage – it takes about two days for it work through their system.


If you are unsure what constitutes a balanced diet for horses, research is key. There is plenty of information out there to help you work out exactly what you should be feeding your equine friend.


Make sure they are stimulated

Don’t keep them locked away in the dark on their own. If you choose to keep them in a barn, make sure they have some company – nothing could be worse than being kept away in the dark, alone. You also want to make sure that you have enough fresh air flowing through and make sure you are visiting them as often as possible. Get them outside as much as you possibly can too, which leads me to the next tip.


Give them plenty of exercise

Horses need exercise. There is no point owning a horse if you don’t let it exercise. They love being out and about, exercising – which is why they can get so unhappy when stuck in the barn due to an injury. Exercising helps their digestion, helps keep them in shape and helps to get their blood supply to their feet – much like it does in humans.


Groom them

You’ve heard of the the job horse groomer, right? There’s a reason that this is a job – grooming is something the horse enjoys. Grooming not only helps the horse in getting clean but they love the care and attention shown by you.They will love it if you scratch them just where they want to be scratched, again much like us humans love it when someone scratches those hard to reach itches.

Do all the above and you can guarantee that your horse will be living a happy and healthy life. Do you own a horse or is this something you are planning for the future?

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