Warmest Ways to Style Athleisure This Autumn and Winter

There are some days when the thought of putting on your skinny jeans or getting a dress or skirt on with tights is that last thing that we want to do. Thank goodness for the athleisure trend, am I right? But as the temperatures start to get cooler, is it a trend that you can still wear into autumn and winter? It is one of the most practical styles out there, taking you from shopping to the gym in one foul swoop. But you need to make sure that you’re still keeping warm as we approach autumn and winter.

So with that in mind, here are some of the ways that you can embrace the athleisure trend on those autumn days when jeans or a skirt just aren’t going to cut it.


You might think that a gilet, or body warmer as it can be commonly known, is for mums on the school run or for the middle-aged. But a well-placed gilet can be a good way to layer up on cooler days. Worn with running leggings, a long-sleeved baggy jumper, and trainers, it can give an extra layer of warmth and style. You could even choose to style women’s fleeces that keep you warm with it, so you have an extra layer of cosiness. Not to mention if it has a hood then you’ve got practical points there too.

Wide Leg Sweatpants

Some days comfort is the order of the day. And even gym leggings can seem a little much. Which is where getting some wide leg sweatpants (or yoga pants) can come in. They are comfortable, roomy, and can even be layered up on extra cold days with leggings underneath. Winning.

Warmest Ways to Style Athleisure This Autumn and Winter

Sock Sneakers

From brands like Adidas to River Island, sock sneakers are here to stay for the autumn and winter. And when you don’t need to bother with socks, it is a whole new level of comfort and style. They can be great for the autumn and winter season as they usually pull up like socks do, so there is no ankle exposed when wearing your gym leggings on chilly days. They look good with jeans too, so getting a pair is a must for the next few months.

Bomber Jacket

If you’re looking to get a winter jacket or coat, then a sporty bomber jacket could be the look that you need. It can be worn with the rest of your autumn and winter wardrobe, but will look great with your athleisure gear. Bomber jackets don’t have hoods, but they work well with hoodies when you need an extra layer underneath.


Sometimes a little matchy-matchy can be too much. But for autumn and winter, a little matchy-matchy can be just what you need. Matching jumper to jogging bottoms or workout top to leggings can be a fun way to celebrate the trend. Adding something to break the lookup, using something like a scarf, can be a good way to go.

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Warmest Ways to Style Athleisure This Autumn and Winter

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