Types of Abuse

Types of Abuse

When you think of domestic abuse, what do you think of? Someone being hit? Physical violence of some sort? However, this is only one type of abuse, which people being subjected to domestic abuse could be subject to. For people who follow my personal blog, they may know I have a history of being in abusive relationships and so speak out against it, is something which is close to my heart.

Types of Abuse

One of the first things to know about abuse is the forms in which it can take, this can help you keep an eye out for it happening not only to yourself but it others who you are close to.

Physical Abuse

This includes being punched, kicked, slapped, choked, bitten. As well as threats with weapons, or being hurt with weapons, poisoning, being scolded, having things thrown at you. It also includes violence towards those you love, be them family, friends or pets.

Types of Abuse

Financial Abuse

Including and not limited to things like fraud, theft, coercion, scamming, not allowing you access to finances, having complete control of the family finances, making your report on every penny you spend, running up debt in your name.

Sexual Abuse

Things like rape, indecent exposure, sexual assault, sexual photography, unconsented or coercion into sexual acts all come under sexual abuse.

Psychological and Emotional Abuse

So much can come under this umbrella from withholding affections, intimidation, being belittled, being stopped from seeing friends and family. Stalking, turning people against you, keeping you awake (stopping you sleeping).

This is just a small selection of things that can make up abuse, also I have tried to focus on domestic abuse as there are at least 10 forms of abuse which cover things from self-neglect to modern slavery and neglect in care homes as well. All of which cannot be forgotten, as people go through them daily.

If you find you, or someone you love is going through the cycle of abuse and are looking for what the next step would be after having spoken to your local refuge. Turning to someone like cica UK who help victims of abuse, claim under the government scheme, can really help someone get their feet back on the ground. 

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Types of Abuse

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