The Casual Looks You Can Always Wear

The Casual Looks You Can Always Wear

Wearing something casual is what we do from day to normal day. Because of that, it’s the biggest part of our wardrobes, unless you really like to go above and beyond when it comes to your personal style. After all, everyone has a different kind of everyday look, even when it seems they’re dressed to the nines to someone else! As long as you’ve got an ample amount of casual clothes to wear, you’ve got the ability to style yourself in a personal and low effort way.

And isn’t that what everyone wants to deal with, at the beginning and the end of the day? If you’ve got so much to be getting on with, and you’ve still got an hour to dedicate to your makeup, you want to get clothing over and done with. So without further ado, here are some tips for making sure you’re never going outside with greasy hair you can’t work, slightly scuffed shoes that don’t complete the outfit, and t-shirts you would otherwise reserve for home time.

The Casual Looks You Can Always Wear

For the Work World

This deserves a section of its own, considering the amount of effort you put into your outfits for the office or behind a counter. Even when you have to wear a branded t-shirt when you’re on the shop floor, you’re still allowed to customise your bottom half, within reason of course. So dress both up and down, depending on the amount of sleep you got the night before, with these useful tips.

You don’t have to wait for a casual Friday to really let yourself loose; instead get your best casual clothes out and pair them smartly together. You waste less money that way on suits, blouses, and blazers, and you don’t have to rush in the morning to put something worth it together. Got a pencil skirt you don’t have much use for? Get it out! That vest shirt that’s made of a sheer material you bought on a whim? Put it on on top, and then grab the only official jacket you own. Perfect!

Or grab the simple maxi or cami dress, put some tights on beneath and then that same jacket or blazer on top, and voila! Another perfect look for your shift. Or just get those black skinny jeans and a comfy pair of shoes to dart from behind the counter and across the shop floor whenever a customer needs help. Hey, as long as it’s dark, it’s going to work for your sense of professionalism.

Get a Leather Jacket

When you’ve got something leather to wear, you’re going to come across as someone who means business, who’s got someplace to be, and you’re going to have the accompanying strut to really pull off the look on top of it all! And you can be super comfortable at the same time, no matter how cold or crass you think the leather is going to feel.

Get a plaid shirt or a thin jumper to put on underneath, put your leather jacket on top, and then get outside with your mean yet secretly soft look. You deserve to feel like a bad girl after all these years of struggling with a look you want to pull off, and you’re going to look cute as all hell!

Put a Belt On

The skeleton key of accessories; it can be paired with anything you’re already wearing, and helps you to add an element of both smart casual and party casual when you need it. A good belt is going to cinch you in if you like that, and also act as the piece that completes an otherwise plain dress, skirt, or shorts. And with the summer weather coming, you’re going to want to break those legs out!

Black and brown belts work with every other colour, so try to keep one each of those in your drawers. Pair something with a belt and you’re going to be tucked in in all the right places to accentuate the natural curves you have, and then you’re not going to even have to turn to fat freezing and body contouring. It might still be a viable option, but practice strutting up and down in your casual clothes first. You’ve got thighs for days, and it’s time to let the sun shine down on them in their natural form.

Get Your Dungarees Out

Or your overalls, if you prefer. When you’ve got a good pair of denim dungarees to fall back on whenever you don’t feel like making the effort, you’ve got a stable wardrobe that’s going to carry you through your hardest days. You can grab them and put them straight on, knowing you’ve got three-quarters of your look ready. Then just find a simple shirt to put on underneath them and you’re good to go!

You can wear long sleeved and short sleeved tops, crop tops, vests, anything you want when you’ve got an apron item on top of everything else. Then get a pair of comfy shoes on your feet, and you’re ready to get out of the door. They’re not too bad of a move for work either!

Have Something Oversized

If you’ve got an oversized shirt or jumper in your wardrobe, and you’re waiting to use it for a lazy day around the house, wait no more! You can easily throw it on and go outside with it; wear it as a dress if your item is long enough, or put some shorts on underneath it and get out and about.

It might seem like you’re wearing nothing but your oversized jumper, but your opinion is the only one that matters when you’ve got a pair of long boots or skin coloured tights to pair it with as well. You’re going to look chic yet casual, and like the effort, you haven’t actually put in is there in spades. Borrow something of your partner’s if you’re desperate, and let your hair go loose on your shoulders as well. You look fantastic!

Wear Something Flowery

Flowers. A staple of the fashion world, and what we’re likely to see at every kind of fashion show out there in many different forms. But don’t worry, you don’t have to fork out thousands of pounds to wear the same patterns as the celebs. After all, we’re quickly moving into summer weather and feelings, so it only makes sense that now’s the time the labels want to capitalise on that. So get your floral items out of the closet, or buy some from the shop; as we mentioned, they’re usually quite cheap and you can find them in abundance no matter where you go. Dresses work best here, as they have sprawling patterns and plenty of different ones to give you different summery feelings. You can find a gentle rose pattern to think of spring fields and running through them with your friends or something with palm leaves and brighter colours to make you think of driving down California roads with the top off of the car.

Or you can get flowery skirts to spruce up an otherwise plain top and bottom combo. Break out the mustard colour sweater and then a dark skirt with some daisies edging the bottom and you’re suddenly the most interesting person walking down the street. It’s great if you’re trying to distract potential wandering eyes from another part of your body!

Don’t Forget the Boots!

Shoes are often what makes or breaks an outfit, and those so many colour combos out there that are said not to work (we’re looking at you, the fabled wrongness of black and brown…). If you’ve got a pair of ankle or chelsea boots, put them on when you’re simply strutting around town, as it’s a lot easier to walk in this kind of sturdy heeled boots than it is to have some stilettos on.

And these boots work with everything: jeans, skirts, leggings, tights etc. They can really bring a polished tone to something you just threw together, and they’re going to make you look untouchable when you’re riding the bus to see your friends! On the other hand, if you’ve got a pair of long boots, pair them with a dress to really show off the skin on your thighs. They can really highlight some of the best spots on your legs, as well as make you feel like a million bucks.

Is Going Casual For You?

It must be after all this! There’s so much you can do with a simple pair of jeans and a plain shirt, as long as you’ve got the accessories and the know-how to take your casual look to the next level. Don’t underestimate how much a necklace or an armband can make you look like you’ve got all the effort in the world to put in; all you did was pay a few quid at the store to make sure people saw you like that!

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The Casual Looks You Can Always Wear

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