Stop Trust From Tumbling By Avoiding These Blogging Mistakes

Blogging is a unique business. Your blog will only gain popularity if readers like you and care about what you have to say. Customers may be willing to buy products irrelevant of who made them, but your blog is an extension of you. Your posts are your products, and they reflect your opinions and personality. If your audience doesn’t like you, they aren’t going to buy what you’re selling. Or, you know; read what you’re posting.

Hence why, if you want to make a success of your blog, you need to build on trust. This is the thing which will provide you with a strong and loyal following. It’s also the thing which will ensure your success if you later release things like email newsletters or even an ebook. To achieve these goals, get your head around things like a consistent voice and a regular uploading schedule.

Despite your efforts, trust in business is a tower built on uneven foundations. As hard as you work to build it up, one blow could knock it down. To ensure your tower stays standing, avoid the following blogging mistakes.

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Leaking reader information

A trusting audience will be happy to share email addresses with you. You can use these to send out regular updates. It’s like exchanging numbers with a friend, and it’s a good thing for sure. Unless that is, you let someone else get their hands on those details. This will tumble your tower faster than anything. It’ll undoubtedly ensure readers never share info with you again. They’ll probably even lose interest in what you have to say. To make sure that doesn’t happen, put security measures in place on your computer. If you have other team members on board, turn to something like the IAM managed service offered by ProofID to make sure only a chosen few can access confidential details. And, whatever you do, never EVER pass information like this on without permission.

Posting someone else’s work under your name

Remember, readers, trust in your blog because they believe it reflects your opinions. They love your posts because you’re honest, and have a distinctive writing style. The worst thing you could do is let someone else write a post which you publish under your name. While there’s nothing wrong with posting guest blogs and collabs, make sure your readers know you’re doing it. If you try to post other writer’s work as your own, your readership will spot it a mile off. Worse, they’ll never trust you again.

Writing with advertising in mind

To some extent, you need to start earning money with your site if you stand any chance at doing this full-time. Still, content which is too ad-heavy is sure to send that trust tower tumbling. There’s nothing wrong with linking to your ebook if it has relevance to a post you’re writing anyway. But, if all your content starts to lean towards advertising, your followers will lose all trust and interest in what you have to say.

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Stop Trust From Tumbling By Avoiding These Blogging Mistakes

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