Planning for a Dry Spell at Work

Planning for a Dry Spell at Work

One thing I’ve learnt since becoming a full-time blogger is there will be dry spells and they will happen for different reasons. Sometimes work just goes quiet and sometimes no one wants to pay up and while you have a pretty penny waiting to be paid, you’re stuck chasing invoices, hoping someone will pay you by the end of the day.

However, knowing these situations are likely to crop up means you can hopefully plan for them and not need to worry when a week without payment comes around.


Savings are going to be your saviour some weeks, it doesn’t have to be a huge amount but making sure you have enough to get by should you have a dry spell is a must. I’ve found the best way to do this is to put away a little each time I get paid and it quickly builds up allowing me to know I am OK, even if I don’t get paid on time.

Multiple Income Streams.

OK, this one may not be for everyone, but it is a good idea. If you are earning from your blog look into adding sidebar advertising and affiliates to give you income coming from multiple sources. These also often pay on around the same day each month as long as you have hit the payment threshold so it’s a payment you can be sure on. Some bloggers also look to do things like surveys and reselling to give their income a boost.

Planning for a Dry Spell at Work

Sell Things.

If worst comes to worst, a quick way to get in some pennies is selling things, after all, I doubt anyone uses everything they have at home and most people I know have a “to be eBay’d pile”. Remember however if you are selling on items you have had to review, the income needs to be declared on your tax return.


Now, this isn’t something I suggest doing a lot, and something I would seriously only look at doing should all other means have been explored and exhausted. However, sometimes turning to friends and family to help tide you over is a possible way out, if it isn’t then looking at payday loans as a last resort could be something you need to do.

So, there are a few ideas to try and help you out when a dry spell hits but do you have any better ideas, you could suggest? 

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  1. You won’t always know, but I try to work out when my quiet times will be. In my kind of work it tends to be end of July, end of Dec, and beginning of Jan. I try to make sure I have a bit extra put by for these times. The idea of multiple income streams is also good if you can – also it helps if you have some way of generating some passive income, such as a book or an ebook.

  2. Dry spells drive me insane and I am actually chasing a huge number of invoices but everyone seems to be on holiday. I do try to save but the school hols have drained that account too

  3. I think it comes with the territory. There are so many bloggers competing for work now that there are bound to be dry spells although these can also be due to the time of year. I’m not really one for loans myself I#d rather use savings.

  4. THIS -> ‘you’re stuck chasing invoices, hoping someone will pay you by the end of the day’ … I’m currently being owed money by 7 brands; I have money but at the same time I don’t. I luckily have savings which help when people don’t pay on time 🙂 Might have to start looking into different income streams and do more social media consultations maybe! Such great tips! xx

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