Blogging Could Make My Hair Fall Out

Blogging Could Make My Hair Fall Out

As with most jobs when you’re on the outside looking in you have certain preconceptions about what it must be like to do them. When it comes to blogging people often think you spend all your time at swanky events, trying new things and just relaxing.

However, let me tell you it isn’t. There are times that not only do I think it will make my hair fall out, but it leaves me wanting to pull my hair out. So much goes on behind the scenes to bring you the finished, polished posts that are pushed out in front of you.

Seeing as we are talking hair, let’s think about a beauty review. First up you need to change your routine to put the product into it, for something like a moisturiser you need to try it for at least 4 weeks to get a good idea about how it works for you.

You need to take photos and edit them, this can take a few hours alone to make sure you get them looking just how you want.

Then you need to write the content, some people can do this quickly, others it can take a while, it all depends how being in the blogging zone works for you, once it’s finished rereading it, checking grammar and spelling needs to be done.

You also need to think about SEO when your writing, how will you get it showing up on google, so people who are searching for content such as yours are going to come across it.

So with that all that is done and publish hit, that’s it, you’re finished, right? Sadly not, this is when advertising starts, you’re going to want to share it on social media, in any groups on Facebook or G+ where members might find it useful.

Of course, that’s just a normal do it in your own time post, there are deadlines, and some people will want things done yesterday, you will get things wrong, including brand names. You will end up with affiliate links where you don’t want them, you will end up wanting to scream, shout and pull your hair out.

However, even with all that said, I wouldn’t change my job in blogging. I do love it, even the pressure, sometimes and hey if my hair really does fall out, perhaps I’ll just have to look into FUE hair transplant cost and see if I can get some back.

*This is a collaborative post.

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