Why do you blog?

Often bloggers are looked at in the wrong light – while a small minority might be blaggers and in it for the free stuff, they often don’t last long as the reality of blogger is later nights, long hours and a whole lot of work for very little return. We aren’t getting free stuff – that stuff we have to photograph, try, write about and then share via social media, we can never really take time off because it is so easy to be forgotten about in an online world that is ever changing.

So why do we blog? Why do we open our souls to people we don’t know, let them in on the secrets of our lives?

Well for me it was because I had, had a breakdown – I hadn’t long had my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and I had given up on life, if I got up in the day I would then crash on the sofa not moving even to make a cup of tea, I let my depression once again take over, I stopped fighting and gave in and Ash gave me a good talking to. He couldn’t deal with me being how I was and I couldn’t either so I set up a place to remember the good moments and everything evolved from there, would I have thought back then 5 years later I would be sat here writing this having the blog I do, definitely not. It has lead me on an incredible journey and in part saved myself from myself.

But my story is just one of many and when I asked the question why do you blog – within less than 24 hours I had 70+ answers and here is just a few of those given.

Fun as a Gran – To leave behind some sort of memories for my children and grandchildren of the fun we had together.

Natasha Kendall – Because I love it and it’s a hobby. I can open up new doors as well career-wise and it makes your CV stand out, you’re not just another person with a degree, you actually ENJOY writing etc.

Crooked Flight – I love the universal community. By moving from the US to the UK, my blogging never skipped a beat – and neither did the support of fellow writers! I’ve enjoyed working from my flat, but I don’t feel on my own knowing there’s so many other talented and sassy people doing the same thing out there.

Binny’s Kitchen – To inspire myself to cook and to others to cook too as well as share reviews of nice restaurants and products. It is like an electronic food diary.

Hello. I am Kathy B.. – To inspire, entertain, & make myself less insane.

Faded Spring – I want to be a voice for the voiceless oppressed by a society that ignores those who need our help. I want to challenge stereotypes made about fashion bloggers that determine we are purely concerned with the materialistic value of the clothing we wear. But most of all I want to prove that I am a somebody and regardless of past have the strength and determination to succeed. I have been through so much and have lost count of the amount times that I have been told that I can never escape my past- I have proved that you can.

Fit For Parenting – It started to work through my feelings and depression putting pen to paper or keyboard I find it very cathartic. Now it has turned to a community I document things work through others enjoy chatting to people who like my blog and think like me and also e meeting you lovely lot and reading your blogs some of which make me laugh, cry and question.

Tantrums to Smiles – I started blogging because when I became a mum it was a whole new experience to me and I felt like my journey was different to others and therefore my parenting was wrong. I created my blog as a place to share my parenting journey with others and to show that whilst every parenting journey may be different they are all unique, all special and all to be proud of!!

The World According to Charlotte Coster – Simply Because I have something to say :).

The Intolerant Gourmand – Initially to help me get over my sons very difficult allergy journey (we almost lost him 3 times)! Now, to help give others the tools they need to get through their journey, and help them see you can still have lots of fun and stay safe even with multiple life threatening allergies!

Mum of Five Staying Sane – Originally started as an online diary, sharing our every day lives of raising five children and our home extension that was ongoing at the time. Lots of opportunities have opened up since starting and I hope they carry on as I continue to share the ups and downs of our lives as well as improve on what I’m already doing.

Loves and Loathes – I’m a stay at home mum so it helps keep my brain from going to mush!

Olive Living – I blog to demonstrate and share my knowledge, my blog backs up my furniture and interior design work.

The Lipstixx Diaries – I started blogging to share my make up creations and wig reviews initially, but as time went on I’ve started to blog about other things that I enjoy to inspire others to try or check out and also to help me keep focused on being creative and positive.

Rock this Runway – When I was 17 I really wanted to get into CSM (Central Saint Martins) and heard they really like when one does more than just school work, so I’ve started blogging to maximise my chances of getting in which I did! However the moment I started blogging and sharing my love for fashion it didnt matter any more cos for the first time in my life it felt like what I was doing had a purpose, also considering the fact that I was badly bullied in high school for my fashion sense and music taste which now seems not to be so bad considering a fact that I get the views and supportive comments! It definitely helps my self esteem.

Food and Fun Things – It’s the one thing I look forward to after a long day at work. I started a blog about a bit of everything because I love writing but I found a love that I always had but never did anything about. It’s now about food and my love of homemade tummy loving recipes. I only hope I can inspire others to do the same. Writing about something you love changes your perspective on what you want to do for yourself. I love it.

Tracking Twenty – Initially, I started my blog so I’d have to take responsibility for my choices; wether they be fitness or nutrition related. By tracking my progress and researching various fitness bits and bobs for posts, I was a lot more aware of my own physicality, and that kept me motivated to continue, both with my fitness journey, but with blogging it at the same time.

The British Belle – I blog because it gives me a sense of complete freedom, but also control. I create whatever I like, and I am anchorage of every process. It’s also something I’d love one day to lead to a career, because I plan to travel and move a lot once I’m married (military family) so as a young woman who is incredibly independent and self-reliant it will give me everything I need.

Fat Bottom Gal – I started blogging as something to do, then it became a way to raise awareness for depression.


A Lifestyle Less Ordinary – As a fashion and personal stylist, I was constantly being asked by friends, family and clients about certain things like how they could introduce colour into their wardrobe, how to add more accessories to their outfits, how to dress for certain occasions and how to take some of the stress out of choosing an outfit to wear each day so my blog was a way to impart some of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years. I also have a huge passion for beauty products as well as health and fitness and I’m currently blogging about my training plan for my first marathon next year. I recently changed the name of my blog from simply my name to ‘A Lifestyle Less Ordinary’ as I feel I am in pursuit of just that and don’t have any intention of settling for ‘the norm’. Hopefully I can encourage my readers to live a lifestyle less ordinary too.

Big Talk Fashion – I blog because the people that I love don’t enjoy listening to me talking about fashion!! But most of all I love to blog because it helps me decompress and think more positive. In the blogging world anything can happen!!

A Testing Time Blog – I started out of loneliness. I wanted something to do and had already been reviewing for years for companies. I stopped and started, even deleted a blog a few years back. Then when I was on maternity and ill 2 years ago, again I was lonely and wanted to write again so got writing on testing time. I’ve been through a big journey in myself, with my family and my blog too.
It’s now a part of me and something I am proud of. It helped keep my mind off the pain with fibro, keeping me busy and my mind occupied. It was a release as well.

Jac & The Box – I wanted to do something in my free time that involved my love for writing. I was worried I’d lose my creative spark with being in uni and having to do essays constantly, so spending time thinking of posts to write makes me happy. I also like that it’s my corner. The place where I can be me and write about all the things I think and feel.

Lisa’s Life – Lisa’s Life started as an online memory box and a hobby; a way to expand my love of writing and photography. It’s still that but also makes me feel part of a community and earns me a little pocket money 🙂 Not to mention that Stella loves receiving doggy treats to review.

Mrs Crafty B – I started my blog, Mrs Crafty B as way to motivate myself to craft as a therapy. I have a history of depression and anxiety and I needed a focus and a prompt. My blog developed into my setting up several groups to help people with the same issues. Now I run my home and craft blog as a hobby but I have a business that has stemmed from it!

Fashion and Frappes – I started blogging when I moved to London, leaving my family and friends back home in India. I started the blog with my sister and best friend – it kept s in touch and kept us close. I was unemployed when I started blogging – it occupied my time. But now, I have a full time job. I work at a bank so my job is pretty dry and not very creative as such. Now I think blogging keeps me sane and motivated.

The Triumphant Weed – I write as an outlet for my humour, without it, I would be wandering around with a big blue pen writing graffiti on the damp walls of subways and then getting fined and having to wash it off again, alongside the beer, and wee. This way I stay clean.

Over 40 and Mum to One – I started blogging to talk about being an older Mum but it’s morphed into an adventure. It’s offered us so many opportunities to try new things that we couldn’t afford to do with me not working. It’s given me an outlet and something to ‘own’ and feel proud of whilst enabling me to be at home, watching and supporting my son as he grows up. It’s reawakened a love of nature in me and gives me an excuse to take a million and one photos.

Little Observationist – I’ve been blogging for more than 13 years. I’m a full time blogger for my permanent role and also blog on my own as a hobby. I do it for the connections it allows me to make with people. When I moved to London almost 9 years ago, I made my first friends that way. I also blog to share my photography and observations of the little moments in life that we often forget to appreciate these days.

Hopefully just this small look at the responses I got for a variety of different bloggers gives you an insight into why we all blog, from those who are using it to create memories, to those who are using it as an outlet for issues they are experiencing within their own lives. Many of us are here for so many more reasons than you would know from just a quick look at our blogs.

Why do you blog?

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Sarah is one of the original creators of UK Bloggers - when she isn't hard at work on this site she can often be found at her own blog Life in a Break Down, do pop by and say hi!

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  1. Great post, I love how diverse everyone’s reasons for blogging are, and despite this diversity it’s such a good community, I wish I’d started blogging earlier.

    Kirsty x

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