Why Evergreen Content Is So Important For Growing Your Blog

Why Evergreen Content Is So Important For Growing Your Blog

For those of us keen to improve our pageviews, there’s a term we come across time and time again: evergreen content. But what is it? And why do I believe that mastering it is the key to success as a blogger?

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is content that is relevant all year round. While most of us might enjoy doing Primark hauls, monthly favourites or lookbooks- these tend to have a limited amount of readership after a certain period of time. In other words, while they might get lots of hits in the week they’re published, they’re less relevant to your readers as time goes by (as the products might not be in shops or the beauty product you’ve reviewed might be replaced by a new line). This puts pressure on us to constantly create new and relevant content but the key is actually investing your time in evergreen content: content that brings you page views month after month; sometimes years after it’s been published.

What type of things are ‘evergreen’ content?

As you read through your blogging schedule, ask yourself: will this content still be relevant in a year’s time? If so, that’s your evergreen content. This might include recipes, guides to blogging, a diary of living with a chronic illness or your top tips to redecorating on a budget. Seasonal content can be evergreen too. There’s no reason your christmas brownie recipe or DIY decoration tutorial won’t still do just as well next December as it did last year. Just remember to keep track and share at relevant times.

How does evergreen content help views?

Evergreen content should be the focus of your social sharing. Aim to share at least once a month via twitter (Buffer have launched a new Hiplay app that basically continually reshares your evergreen content on twitter and facebook). Create vertical images for your evergreen content and pin regularly across your boards (and group boards too!) on Pinterest. Evergreen content should ensure that regular traffic is coming to your site, even when you are super busy and haven’t updated in weeks.

Why Evergreen Content Is So Important For Growing Your BlogHow much of your content should be evergreen?

This completely depends on your niche. My health blog (www.abalancedbelly.co.uk) gets around 500 views a day even when I haven’t posted and I credit a lot of that due to the fact my content is almost completely all evergreen.However, this is a lot easier for food and health bloggers to achieve than those who write about fashion and beauty. Aim to focus on at least one high quality piece of evergreen content a month and you’ll eventually have a great bank of content that you can continually share. Think outside of the box: some of my best evergreen content has actually been sponsored posts!

Any more evergreen tips?

Yes! The best types of evergreen content tend to be wordy posts (think 1000 words plus) as this helps them do better on google searches. Use canva to create eye catching images with enticing titles. I see lots of bloggers create pinterest images for every blog post but I think you’re better of spending more time on ensuring evergreen content has perfect images. Also keep evergreen content up to date by linking to newer content in the blog post (this is great for boosting DA too)

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