3 Simple Ways to Improve your CV

3 simple ways to improve your CV

Are you worried your CV is stopping you from fulfilling your career ambitions? With such intense competition for many jobs right now, getting onto employers’ radars can be tough. This means that having a persuasive résumé is a must. To improve your chances of impressing employers, here are three simple ways to enhance your CV.

  1. Get involved in charity projects

There’s no shortage of worthy charities to support, and by giving up some of your free time to help these organisations, you can do your bit for those in need while simultaneously gaining new skills and experience that can make you more attractive to employers. There are various different ways to contribute to these causes. For example, on its website, aid and development charity Human Appeal states that volunteers can get involved by helping it to put on its fundraising events across the UK or by contributing to its PR and marketing work. It also points out that people can arrange their own fundraising activities, such as car boot sales and charity dinners.

As well as helping you to develop a range of skills, getting stuck into charity work shows you care about the community and want to help others. All of this is bound to impress employers.

  1. Try out a new hobby

CVs aren’t just about showing off your academic and work achievements; they also give you a chance to tell employers about your passions and interests. With this in mind, why not take the opportunity to try out a new hobby? Whether it’s setting up your own blog, testing your skills at a new sport, honing your skills at a certain craft, learning a musical instrument or something else, taking on a new hobby can help you to come across as a more rounded and interesting person.

  1. Learn how to promote yourself

It’s one thing having qualifications, experience and interests, but none of this matters unless you know how to get these facts across to potential employers. So, if you’ve not put enough time into perfecting your CV, now’s the time to make some changes. This document should be succinct and prioritise the most relevant and appealing points. Don’t be tempted to pad it out with unnecessary information that companies won’t be interested in. It’s also important to tailor your CV to each individual job application, emphasising the skills and experience you have that’s most relevant to the particular role. You only have one chance to make the right impression when you submit your résumé for a job, so it’s worth taking the time to adapt it on each occasion.

Make sure you’ve got a presence on any relevant professional networking websites too, and keep your profiles on these sites up to date. You never know who might reach out to you online, and employers are increasingly using these sites to research candidates.

These three suggestions should help you to make your CV stronger. If you still think there’s room for improvement though, why not reach out to a careers adviser for further guidance?

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