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Ideas for hobbies

There is many things we can do with our free time but it takes time to decide and realise what we are good at. Having a hobby keeps you busy, but you could also turn your little hobby into something more profitable or provide little home made gifts to friends and family. You could learn knitting, baking or even making personalised items. Here is a few fab hints at starting a new hobby. Starting a ... Read More »

The lost keys debacle

The lost keys debacle

Losing things is a common occurrence for me, especially losing my keys. So many times I lost my whole bunch of keys and sometimes I even lost my spare. I have even lost my indoor bunch of keys, although I think my little bundle of mischievousness flung them somewhere or flushed them down the loo. I have a locked desk drawer and I was worried sick about being unable to get into it as my key was unf... Read More »

The Vintage Jewellery Hunt

The Vintage Jewellery Hunt

There is nothing more elegant than vintage jewellery so I had a wonderful time hunting for vintage jewellery. I sat for hours, wondering what particular pieces of jewellery went through in their glittering life. I made up stories for pieces I loved, imagining them going through wonderful times. I am going to share a few wonderful pieces from Berganza – a website with one off vintage jeweller... Read More »

Jumbo Game of Thrones Puzzle Competition

Jumbo Game of Thrones Puzzle Competition

That is right, we are giving away 1 Jumbo – Game of Thrones World Map Puzzle. A must have for any Game of Thrones and/or puzzle enthusiast. Jumbo released 4 amazing Game of Thrones puzzles with the legendary Game of Thrones map in 1000 pieces, the educational Game of Thrones family tree in 1000 pieces, Game of Thrones collectors edition 1 in 3×500 pieces and collectors edition 2 in 3... Read More »

Searching for Enda - Review

Searching for Enda – review

We all have a story inside of us, that is for sure. However, the story of Paul Denny, author of ‘Searching for Enda‘, is a gripping one. The book begins with Paul finding out that he is adopted and then continues on with his journey to find answers to his multiple questions. Everybody deserves to know their parentage, and where they descend from. This means that the questions that Paul... Read More »

Oxo Ice Bucket Review – Stay cool!

Oxo Ice Bucket Review – Stay cool!

I’m partial to a fancy cocktail (who isn’t?) but chance would be a fine thing! Aha! Chance must have been on the cards this week as I’ve been testing out some mocktails with OXO Good grips Ice bucket. Which is just perfect for me as the sun has finally hit good old Brum! Luckily it’s just gone half term so I’ve been able to kick up my heels with pitchers of Ice cold d... Read More »

Beyond Candles – Review

Beyond Candles – Review

  A while back, I remember Sarah telling me about a beautiful little shop she had found in a small centre near her. The shop was called Beyond Candles. Sarah was amazed with the candles this particular shop sold and asked me if I would like to try one. Being a candle lover I jumped at the chance. Sarah asked me what colour candle I would like to be sent, I asked for one which would match my l... Read More »

Pink Clove – Bomber Jacket: Review

Pink Clove – Bomber Jacket: Review

I was given the opportunity to review an item from the store pink clove, I choose the Bomber Jacket in Khaki  and let me just say, there hasn’t been a day were I haven’t worn it! Even though it’s a Bomber jacket and they are typically quite bulky this one is surprisingly light- which is a massive bonus seen as though the Cumbrian weather is hot for a change! I love this jacket even more beca... Read More »

Gas Safety Tips for Around the Home

Gas Safety Tips for Around the Home

Most of us use gas in our home in some way, be it for heating, hot water or cooking, yet it is probably one of the most dangerous things we have coming into our home. However, there are of course a few things we can do to make sure we keep our homes a bit safer. Make sure your engineer is registered. This sounds like common sense and it is actually illegal for anyone to work on equipment that isn&... Read More »

Chef’n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker Review

Chef’n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker Review

When we were asked to review a Chef”n Sweet spot ice cream maker, I thought it would be something fun to do with Tilly as she is only 6 and she does like helping in the kitchen. We were asked to review it just at the right time too because the hot weather has just started to grace us with its presence. When the ice cream maker arrived, I was most excited as it said we could make ice cream wi... Read More »

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    My name is peace, currently started a new blog called peace does beauty. Incorporated fashion elemement into it as it turns out people prefer my blog to be more fashion than beauty yeyyiii :yahoo: :yahoo:


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