Watching The Circle Of Life And Reacting To It

Watching The Circle Of Life And Reacting To It

We are locked in this eternal cycle of life and death. Everyone has at one point, been fearful of dying. Not just by an accident but also just by natural ageing.

It’s not strange at all to feel this way, the Greek philosophers that were alive thousands of years ago had the same ponderings.

What is life and why are we here? Everyone will one day pass away but we don’t often think about that in everyday life.

We’re too busy enjoying life as we should! Take heed that there cannot be death without life.

There’s always a new baby being born, in fact every few seconds or so. And this means life will continue on without us anyway.

So while we are here, shouldn’t we enjoy the time we have? It’s incredibly cliche but yes, we should try to stop and smell the roses.

But in order to safely do that, we need to prepare and understand each stage in the circle of life.

Debating having children?

At some point in your 20s, you should have a discussion with your friends and family about children.

Most of all you should debate in your own mind whether you really want children or do you feel pressured to have children because your parents want grandchildren and your friends are having them.

That is something that isn’t regularly talked about, whether or not people actually want to have children in their own right.

In this day and age, you can focus on your career if you want, and if you don’t have a partner that is willing to be a full-time parent and if you’re not willing to either, is it right to have children?

Getting older

As you get older, your career will start to bear the fruits you might crave.

Higher pay, more power to affect the trajectory of a company and it’s ideas, the opportunity to motivate the next generation of professionals, and maybe even be part of a massively successful company that changes the world. However as you do get older, your body will slow down.

It’s be known to be dangerous for women to have children over 40. Which again throws up the question, would you rather have children while you’re young or wait until you are ready and have a stable professional life?

Watching The Circle Of Life And Reacting To It

Time to retire

The retirement age for both men and women will be 66 by 2020 in the UK.

Many people would rather continue on and keep working for as long as they are physically able.

The age of 66 is no longer what it once was as we live better, healthier lifestyles so it’s not like you’re suddenly a walking mummy.

However if you do wish to retire, you will need to consider a community like Porthaven.

Here there is an environment of activities, various societies of interests and safety as well. There are professional healthcare staff on hand at all times. Most of the day however, is up to you how you enjoy it.

There are various stages of life that we go through yet don’t examine what the effects of them are. You should try to plan out every 10 years or so into the future and figure out what you want, and what you need to do to get it.

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Watching The Circle Of Life And Reacting To It

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