Privacy Scandals of 2018 Plus Win a 50 Inch TV!

Privacy Scandals of 2018 Plus Win a 50 Inch TV!

This year has certainly been a year when privacy has come to the forefront of peoples minds again. With all sorts of talking points arising across the globe, both from companies who have been breached and where new laws have come in to help keep us safer.

In honour of this BestVPN have put together their list of naughty and nice. Who is going to fall into which category this year?


Something you will surely heard of if you are a blogger is that Google will be shutting down G+. Thanks to a major breach which left up to 500,000 users data exposed.  I recently got an email to say that at least one of my emails had been affected by this breach.

Other companies such as Facebook and the Cambridge Analytic scandal, which was perhaps one of the biggest data scandals of the year, alongside even the UK Police accessing phone record illegally have left people sceptical about just how secure our data is.

I know as a blogger I put out there more information than I perhaps otherwise would. However, I am still careful about what specifics I share and of course, I feel in control. I know that typing this, it will be viewed by people. So it doesn’t stop the worry about how other companies may compromise me.

I’m sure many of you have come across the new email scam. Which not only demands payments to not share intimate videos but also now include passwords, which can be previous or current which have been taken from compromised data from big companies.

If you are worried about if your data has been compromised Have I Been Pwnd is a great website to start checking on.


It isn’t all about the naughty though, there have been some things come into play which have helped make our privacy safer.

I totally admit GDPR may have been a pain as a blogger, but those laws are all about keeping us safer, our data safer and in the long term are a good thing for everyone.

While signal has joined forces with Microsoft to bring an end to end encryption to Skype!

The UK High Court, the US Supreme Court and the police have all made decisions which have helped bring better privacy to all.

You can read about these naughty and nice acts, along with others in this great infographic.

Check it out below:

Infographic created by

Of course, I mentioned in the title about being able to win an amazing 50inch TV! I mean who wouldn’t want to kick off the Christmas period knowing they have one on the way?

Well, all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is head over to infographic page, give it a read and then follow the instructions on the widget, which includes answering a question about the information included!

Have you ever been the victim of a privacy breach how has it left you feeling? 

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Privacy Scandals of 2018 Plus Win a 50 Inch TV!

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