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Motorola MBP853Connect

Motorola MBP853Connect


My not so little one is now 2 and we are changing from a cot to a toddler bed, so to keep an eye on him, we put the Motorola MBP853Connect to the test.

So in the box you get a HD Camera and a 3.5″ monitor with different functions to see your little one (Of any age)

The camera itself has a good sturdy base to stop toppling over and sits well even as you move the camera.
The monitor has options to move the camera around and the sound is really quiet so the movement will not wake your little one up.

The camera automatically changes to night vision once it is dark with crystal clear quality so you can see what your little one is doing.


The movement of the camera is really good, you can tilt, move side to side and even zoom in with a 300 degree movement ratio so you can look around the room if needed.

There is an integrated sensor that monitors the room temperature which for me is great as if it’s too cool, I can make sure he is covered all night, if too warm I can sneak in and open the window a little.

There is also a 2 way speak option, you can listen to the sounds of the little one through the monitor and you can speak into the monitor and comes through the camera. ‘This is Big Mumma speaking, get back into bed!’

Another fabulous thing, there is 5 interactive lullabies you can choose from to soothe your child to sleep (Or in my case, make them sing along!)

The camera also has an off button so when you are not using it, you can turn it off to save electricity. Barely notice the cost of electric for it.

The camera is plugged into the main socket but it has quote a long lead so if the plug is far away, you can run the wire if needed.

The camera looks nice and performs really well.



Now for the monitor.

I really like this monitor, it’s light and has a stand on the back so you can stand it up on your bedside table.

There is several options on the monitor so you can get the required options you need.
You can move the camera at different angles, change the sound, interactively speak through the monitor and also choose the lullaby you want.

The camera is HD so you get crystal clear quality, even at night on the automatic night vision.


Okay so there is many more things you can do with this.

You can download the app and connect to your phone so you can watch from anywhere.

There is also plans you can choose where you can record to the cloud also and access the video’s as you need through something called the ‘Hubble’.
This is good for watching your little one throughout the night if they wake, you can see what they do and have a plan on what to do next.

You can connect up to 4 devices and if you have more cameras, you can switch through each one on your app or the monitor as and when required.

So as you can imagine, this is quite the interactive package to watch your little ones whenever you need.
You can watch on the go on your phone, so if they are being watched whilst you pop out and you want to see what is going on with your little one then you can.

You know that time when it’s too quiet and you are thinking ‘Oh no, what are they doing?’ Well now you can from your phone!
You don’t even need to have the monitor with you.

Interaction, camera movement that is smooth and soundless, even temperature and lullabies… what more could you want?

It’s also perfect for any age and quite possibly even use it to watch what is going on outside if you needed.


You can purchase this amazing monitor and screen from Motorla

Review by Testing Time Blog

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  1. I’ve heard such great things about Motorola monitors I need to look into one! Looks great!

  2. This does sound like a great monitor. I like the auto night vision. That’s a nice feature.

  3. Such a great idea to keep track of the little one x

  4. I wish I had had a video monitor when my twins were babies. Would have seen some things I’m sure!!

  5. Motorola is such a great brand for its wonderful products. And the Motorola MBP853Connect sounds like an awesome video monitor with some great features & I love that you can use the app to watch from anywhere. Great stuff to stay alert on little kids!

  6. This looks fantastic! I would suggest my sis get one if her son wasn’t so old already. Haha!

    Oliver x

  7. Ooooo this sounds like the perfect video monitor!!!! I will have to tell my bestie who is expecting about it

  8. Wow, haven’t baby monitors come on in the last decade or so! This is great for total peace of mind!

  9. Little facination! As I moved in a new home/office, I would need it. 🙂 I love motorola products and have proven that they are really sustainable.

  10. I wish this had been around when my son was younger, it sounds absolutely perfect.

  11. I don’t have kids but this sounds like the perfect gadget for those who do.


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