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Monthly Fashion Round Up – April Tips & Tricks

Monthly Fashion Round Up – April Tips & Tricks

Hi Everyone! I just want to start by saying thank you for ALL the submissions for Aprils UK Bloggers Fashion Round Up. The response was MASSIVE!!!!!! Obviously I can’t include everyone otherwise the post would be about a mile long – so for April I’ve focused on ‘Fashion Thinking’ – posts that have inspired me to think a little differently, given me inspiration or have some tips to share regarding fashion, clothes and style. The fashionistas amongst you all this month is AMAZING!

Lottie L’Amour gives us some super sophisticated glam in this outfit post and shows that simple can still be super stylish. It makes me want to think about simple outfits that I might have forgotten in the past and how to bring them back to life.

Fashion and Frappes are giving off serious denim style in their latest Take 3 style post. If you ever need ideas on how to wear jeans or denim of any kind take a look at this post. It makes me want to get out my ripped jeans for summer!

I love this outfit that Leah has put together. It shows me how to style a dress in a casual way and injecting a bit of life into something which could just be sitting in the wardrobe. Loving that jacket too!

I think Jenny looks gorgeous in this really on trend dungaree dress. It looks cute but practical and I’m sure most people would completely avoid something like this. But like Jenny says, mix it with a bright top underneath and you’re ready to go. Don’t me scared of trying something different!

California Mum in London tackles a problem so many people face. When you’re stuck in a fashion rut! She has some great tips on changing things up a bit and looks fab doing so.

In this post Stella reminds me all about the layering I did in Winter and that it’s now time to strip those layers off and wear them on their own. It’s amazing how in my mind I see something as ‘an outfit’ and forget to mix, match and pull apart!

What Lolly does here, is poke me in the eye and say hey! don’t forget about small brands! So true! Those people who make and design things themselves and can be bought on places like Etsy must not be forgotten! Finding something unique and hand made adds a whole different appeal.

How amazing does Bang on Style look in this post? Literally the name says it all! What I love about this post is that it could easily pass as a designer collection. But no, it’s from TU Clothing at Sainsburys. I’m telling you, buy your carrots and your new summer outfit together. It works.

Jodie says it all in this post about the joys of wearing trainers. You can look fab and be comfortable at the same time. It’s true! She has some great tips on how to were trainers which reminds me, I’ll be wearing my Converse today!

Style Splash made a real statement in this blog post and I love it. She talks about contrasting colours and eBay bargains. I thinks he did amazing finding this skirt on eBay! I need to get browsing.

Georgina embraces some uber colour in this fashion post. I love how she explains that stepping out of your comfort zone when it comes to colour can be scary but rewarding. Don’t believe the hype about certain things not suiting certain tones, hair colour etc. Where what you want.

Lastly, I’m a huge fan of charity shop hunting and Stylish Confidence found some gems on her recent visit to Oxfam. Gorgeous accessories with a little story behind them. Definitely a good way of picking up bargains.

That’s the round up for this month UK Bloggers. Like I said, it would have been impossible to fit everyone into one round up so don’t forget to let me know about our fashion posts in May!

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Hollie is a UK Bloggers fashion contributor and can also be found at her blog Pretty Big Butterflies. It's where she writes about all things plus size fashion, fun food and travel treats. She's also an Instagram addict so feel free to say hello!


  1. I love every single one of these different styles!
    Especially the denim; I’m dying to get some dungarees in for this summer!
    It’s also great that such stylish clothes can be found at some of our local supermarkets!
    Great post 🙂 x

  2. Profile photo of Rhian Westbury

    Some great outfits and some awesome posts. Thanks for sharing, i’ve got a few more bloggers to follow now x

  3. I love these round up posts so much! I always find them useful and new blogs to follow! I love all the outfits a lot. I AM stuck in a fashion rut at the moment, I need to read Califonia mum in London’s post! 🙂 Thank you for sharing. xx

  4. What a great round up – some sassy ladies there with brilliant style! I am off for a read – thank you. Kaz x

  5. What a fab round up, some beautiful styles, outfits and ladies here. I love that you haven’t just featured one style or body type – I feel like this is really empowering and beautiful of all types shines through! H x

  6. The shirt in the top photo, I absolutely love. What a great round up x

  7. I love these round up posts ! Such a fun way to discover new style ideas X

  8. I love the TU @ Sainsburys outfit in particular. There are some lovely outfits in this post!

  9. I love the dress from Bang On Style. Some great outfits here and bloggers of all shapes and sizes which I love


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