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Microwavable Cream Cozy-Boots: Review

Microwavable Cream Cozy-Boots: Review


Since the colder weather has hit there is nothing more than I love to do than sit at home, snuggled up on the sofa. Since moving homes, I have found my feet have been getting a lot colder due to us having laminate flooring. I hate having cold feet so recently I set about trying to find myself a decent pair of slippers which would keep my feet nice and snug.

Just in time for Christmas Getting Personal sent me some Microwavable Cream Cozy-Slippers. I have used products that go in the microwave before however I have found these a waste of money as the heat from them lasts a minimal amount of time and I would spend my evening getting up and down to warm the item back up, because of this I was excited about trying the Microwavable Cream Cozy-Slippers

As soon as the slippers arrived I was impressed with their design. They looked fashionable due to the styling of the boot. The boots came high above the ankle and the colour of them was plain and simple meaning that they would go with most outfits worn around the home. I was worried that because the boots were cream, they wouldn’t instantly get dirty and would wear quickly however this is not the case. After 3 weeks of wearing the boots, they are still in great condition.

I was interested to try there microwavable feature out on them. I placed the boots in the microwave for 2 minutes and once the 2 minutes were up, I instantly put the boots on my feet. I was struck with a soothing lavender fragrance straight away which I loved and I found that the boots were the perfect temperature on my feet.

I found that the boots kept their heat for around 1 hour. Ideally I would have liked them to keep there heat for a little longer however I had no problem with going to put them back in the microwave once they had lost their heat.

The slippers are suitable for any age and are best suited to females. The slippers are free of any size requirements and able to fit any size from 3-7. I am a size 6 and I felt there was plenty of room in the boots. If I could change anything about the boots it would be the fact that they come in only 1 colour. I would love to see them in other colours and I would even like to see a pair designed for males.

Overall I was impressed with the boots. I found that once the boots were on my feet, I felt relaxed and my feet felt soothed. I think these boots would be the perfect present for any busy mum, grandparent or workaholic this Christmas. Priced at just £14,99 I think these boots are good value for money.

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Helen is mum to Maxwell and the blogger behind parenting and lifestyle blog Mummy To The Max


  1. Oh I have to say your feet do look very warm and cosy and these would be a perfect way to relax after a long and stressful day

    Laura x

  2. So cosy, an hour heat is literally amazing looks so relaxing! i want a pair x

  3. What a great idea to warm up your feet when they’re cold. I would have thought that once your tootsies were warm, they’d generate their own heat like you do in bed. What a shame for me–my feet are size 11. I end up wearing men’s shoes most of the time. Sigh!

  4. Oh wow these look lovely! Perfect for those cold nights in! x

  5. These sound fab – my feet are permanently cold in winter so might drop some big last minute hints!

  6. These would be fab for the current weather – sound like heaven.

  7. Like you I hate my feet to feel cold. I have a pair of Bedroom Athletics boot slippers. I barely out of them in Winter. They don’t heat up though. These ones you’ve tested here sound pretty good. I love scent of lavender (so relaxing) and an hour of heat sounds quite decent. Tx

  8. Ooh could do we those now its dropped cold!

  9. cosy 🙂


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