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Ideas for hobbies

Ideas for hobbies

There is many things we can do with our free time but it takes time to decide and realise what we are good at.

Having a hobby keeps you busy, but you could also turn your little hobby into something more profitable or provide little home made gifts to friends and family.

You could learn knitting, baking or even making personalised items. Here is a few fab hints at starting a new hobby.

Starting a hobby could be costly, so make sure it is something you want to do before you get stuck in.

Knitting or crochet – Learning to knit is a fun way of taking up some time, you could make cute little hats, scarves or even become an expert and make cardigans or jumpers.
Leaning the many different types of stitches to give your items a little individuality.
Crocheting is also fun, you get even more different patterns to knitting. You can make all things like flowers or decorative items.
Weaving different colours and make a tapestry.

Personalised items – personalisation is such a good way to give gifts to family and friends with personality and love.
You could make personalised frames, cups, t-shirts and even keyrings or accessories.
Blinging up shoes or headbands, the world is your oyster. Look at something and see if you could make it fab!

Fun with acrylic – Acrylic is such a versatile item, you can do so much with it.
From making necklaces to jewellery, you can make designs that best suit you and your friends.
You can make funky lettering or shapes and paint them as ornaments for children.
A good website to buy fabulous acrylic from is Simply Plastics where they sell coloured as well as plain.
You can even push the boat out and make some storage! Nothing like funky storage.


Baking and cooking – There is nothing like eating a beautiful home made cake, you can help friends with parties with a cake, cupcakes, muffins… There is so much you can do and learn.
Learning to craft decoration for cakes gives you hours of fun, you can literally make anything!
Making good wholesome food is also fun, learning to cook can give you hours of fun and you never have to eat the same bland thing again.
Learning herbs and spices to make one meal taste different, you can make a lasagane taste different every time you make it.

Writing – you could start a novel, blog or just review products.
Writing gives you the option to get that story on to paper (or laptop) or write that review of a product you loved or hated.
Maybe start a blog and get your views out there, interacting with like-minded individuals.

There is so many ways to have fun with a hobby, but do it because you love it.

Do you have a hobby? Is there anything you have a passion for?

*This is a collaboration post

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  1. I wish I was more talented! I tried doing crochet for a while but I never quite got the hang of it. It’s ridiculous really as my boyfriend is so oddly talented at everything like this. The other day I tried and failed at making a bracelet and he somehow managed to figure out how to do it immediately! I’m not too bad at baking but definitely need some work when it comes to the decorating side.

    Nicola // pink-confetti.co.uk

  2. This is such a good post.
    When I was younger I always wished I was good at so many things, including baking.
    I wanted that to become my hobby, but I was just terrible.
    I do like to make personalised gifts, and other crafts though. 🙂

  3. My Mum tried to teach me how to knit once and we both lost interest after an hour haha! I was probably 8 and I still have no idea how to

    Blogging is my hobby though, and I absolutely love it!

  4. I was searching for something to fill my time with, hence the reason I started my blog. It’s such a fun hobby and gives me so many more opportunities to do fun things with my family, I think everyone is pleased I started one! 🙂

  5. I’ve recently started a journal which is a fun hobby! And I love to read. I’d love to learn to knit properly, maybe one day when I have more time 🙂 Lovely post and great ideas! xx

  6. I have been trying to get hobbies and last week started scuba diving which is a good one. I write but class it more as a career even though it’s a hobby too. I really want to learn how to knit x

  7. I love baking and cooking although I wish I had more time for it lately.

  8. People keep telling me to write a novel funnily enough and say they can see me as an author but I prefer to write for myself so yes writing is a great idea to have for a hobby!

  9. I am trying to make cooking and baking as one of my hobbies. But now, I do enjoy scrapbooking as it really makes me relax. 🙂


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