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Godiva Chocolates for Christmas

Godiva Chocolates for Christmas

Godiva Chocolates

Christmas is quickly creeping up on us and I know personally I am still perplexed about what to get for a number of people on my list, however there is something that is always a good fall back for most people and that is a good box of chocolates and I have to admit, there are some amazing brands out there, one of which is Godiva.

Godiva has a long history of chocolate making, starting in Brussels and spreading across the world, now with over 80 stores worldwide it is still very much run under the vision of the founder, to produce the best quality chocolates.

This Christmas they have a number of different items available with gifts starting at just £7 and they kindly sent me some of their chocolates to try:

Godiva Christmas Stocking Filled With Chocolates – £17
This lovely mini stocking is packed full of 8 limited edition white, dark and milk chocolates, each of which has been moulded into a Christmas design. This is a gift that would make a perfect present alone or as a stocking filler and is great for children or adults alike. The chocolates offer a luxurious melt in your mouth experience that will really be appreciated by any chocolate lover.

Godiva Chocolates

They also sent me a selection of chocolates, which can be found in some of their selection boxes, the red and green wrapped chocolates are: Milk Belgian Waffle and Dark Feuilletine Carrés and can be found in the Godiva Christmas box and the Christmas Keepsake gift tree and I personally think they make great after dinner chocolates with their creamy taste, the perfect end to a delicious Christmas meal.

The long box contained a mix of alcoholic and praline treats – I don’t drink myself and so when I bit into the middle ones I had a huge shock; however I was told by someone else, for those who do drink and like a really good liquid centre liqueur these are a must.

The other two were pralines and I have to say just happen to be some of the best I have tried – I can definitely say with all honesty that if you are after a different type of chocolate to give this Christmas then make sure you check out Godiva and see if they have something that would be perfect.

What is your favourite Christmas chocolates?

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  1. I LOVE Godiva chocolate all year round, but that Christmas stocking looks really AMAZING!!! Such a cute idea 🙂 x

  2. For Christmas it’s all about Hotel Chocolat – I’m going to miss British chocolate when I move to the US, although I think a few brands (maybe even Godiva) are available there it’s still trickier to find.

    • Ghirardelli chocolate (from San Francisco) in the USA is fab! Some of the best I’ve tasted. Always bring a big bag back when on holiday….

  3. Oh wow. Godiva chocolates. Sooo good!

  4. I’ve not had any Godiva chocs. Another one added to my “must try” list!


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