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Christmas treats.

Christmas treats.

Elizabeth Shaw Mini Chocolate Crisp Crackers

Chocolates and treats are a big thing at Christmas, as a child I remember bowls of all sorts being passed around the room come Christmas afternoon, while everyone takes their favourite to enjoy and while Christmases are very different these days, they most definitely still include the odd treat of an afternoon and thankfully there are some delicious ones to choose from these days.

Elizabeth Shaw – Mini Chocolate Crisp Crackers
These gluten free, vegetarian chocolates are perfect to pop down as part of a place setting come meal time, each mini cracker contains two chocolate crisps in a choice of flavours.

Elizabeth Shaw Mini Chocolate Crisp Crackers

Each of the six crackers contains one milk and one dark chocolate from a choice of Butterscotch, Caramel and Honeycomb for the milk and for the dark, dark chocolate with cocoa nib, with each of the options being melt in your mouth delicious.

Right now you can pick up this delicious pack from Tesco for just £2.

Elizabeth Shaw Gingerbread Crisp.

Elizabeth Shaw – Gingerbread Crisp.
A limited edition realise for the festive season is this delicious dark chocolate gingerbread crisp. Which takes a much loved flavour of the festive season and reworks into a delicious mix of honeycomb, ginger and chocolate.

Elizabeth Shaw Gingerbread Crisp.

Once again these crisp bites are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and believe me are really delicious – somehow they very quickly disappeared from my parents fridge I think my Dad had something to do with that.

The Elizabeth Shaw Gingerbread Crisp’s are on offer for £2 at Tesco.

jules destrooper belgian chocolate thins

Jules Destrooper Belgian Chocolate Thins
These have to be some of the most delicious chocolate thins I have ever tried; each pack contains a mix of milk, dark and white chocolate (my only issue is they only include 1 stack of white things while milk and dark get two).


With 6 dark and milk and 3 white thins up for grabs, you definitely have to be quick of the mark in getting to your favourite, as have perfected the mix of a delicious chocolate outside with a crunchy biscuit and I have to say they go perfectly with a cup of your favourite hot drink.

Jules Destrooper Jules Finest Biscuit Selection

This has to be the perfect biscuit selection for those who are yet to try anything from Jules Destrooper, it brings together all their favourites from almond thins to butter waffles and chocolate virtuoso to almond floretines dipped in white, milk or dark chocolate.

Jules Destrooper Jules Finest Biscuit Selection

As someone who has never been that fond of waffles I have to say this selection completely changed my mind as the waffles included are just perfect in taste and texture. Also the almond florentines just have to be tried – my mine problem again is they just didn’t include enough white chocolate dripped ones, preferring to include more white chocolate ones.

Whatever treat you are looking to buy for this Christmas I can whole heartily recommend any of these four as the perfect festive treat.

What is your must have treat come Christmas?

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  1. really wanting some of those Jules Destooper waffles right now!

  2. craving them right now 😀

  3. Can’t beat a bit of choccy at Christmas.


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