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Christmas Gift Guide #3

Christmas Gift Guide #3

With the last minute run up to Christmas firmly under way here are a few more Christmas gift ideas to fill those last minute slots and spaces you might be struggling with.

Cotswold Gin

If your gift recipient loves a little tipple then this particularly delicious gin might be just what you need. Using a blend of nine carefully picked botanical’s, Cotswold Gin is like nothing you have ever come across before.

Like a traditional dry gin this is originally left to 12 hours to let the flavours of pure wheat spirit of juniper, coriander and angelica root fully infuse. It is then that the special Cotswolds ingredients which includes botanical’s such as lavender and bay leaf, grapefruit, lime, black pepper and cardamom seed are adding into the Cotswolds bespoke Holstein pot for distilling. The mix is then finished off with naturally refined Cotswolds water.

For anyone who is a fan of gin this is definitely a must try present, with its unique flavours it can only offer something really different.



If tea is more up your recipients’ avenue then the award winning Nauteas might be just what they have to try before the year is out.

Nauteas use only the best ingredients which include whole spices, full tea leaves and big fruit pieces so you know you are getting the best made tea with the most wonderful flavours possible. What is more Nauteas brings you some of the most imaginative flavours you will have ever come across.


For instance let’s have a look at Beauty Queen this tea has been made to specifically cleanse, invigorate and help the mind and soul prepare for the day ahead. It includes ingredients such as lemongrass and delicious herbs to make for a refreshing blend.

But it doesn’t just stop there with this blend, oh no it also helps with digestion and to bring a glowing complexion to your skin (most definitely something that is needed at this time of year).

What’s more it is even 100% caffeine free!


If you fancy something a bit more fun then how about Pina Colada on the Beach, blended to make you feel like you are enjoying a lazy afternoon on the beach this tea includes ingredients such as coconut, green tea and candied pineapple chunks – just delicious.

Don’t worry though there is no alcohol included, it is just the taste you may find yourself addicted to.

The delicious Nauteas cost from £6.99 a pack with gift sets available.

Lacura Caviar Super Lift Gel Set

Lacura Caviar Super Lift Gel Set

One company that surprises me year after year has to be Aldi and this year is no exception. They have this year released the Lacura Caviar Super Lift Gel Set which is the perfect gift or stocking filler for someone who loves skincare and would perhaps fancy trying something new.

Lacura Caviar Super Lift Gel Set

This set boasts dramatic lifting and firming properties to help bring a more youthful look to the skin, with each 6ml gel sachet containing soy extract and bio peptides. What’s more this set also helps restore collagen levels as it penetrates deep within the skins layers as well as helping to improve elasticity.

Each of the Lacura Caviar Super Lift Gel Sets includes; 4 super lift gel sachets, 1 application brush and 1 preparation tub.

Lacura Caviar Super Lift Gel Set

The gel is so simple to use, just tip the gel into the tub and apply it to
your face using the brush, it is suggest you start application at the chin and spread it up towards the ears and temples then from the forehead towards the temples to make sure it fully covers the face.

If you fancy adding a little extra boost to the regime as well, you can follow it up by using the matching gel.

Masks are to used intermittently and not as part of a regular daily routine with the box costing £9.99.

Letterbox Gifts Gentleman’s Gift Set

Letterbox Gifts Gentleman's Gift Set

If you are looking for a last minute gift that needs to be sent through the post and the recipient may not be around when the postman comes a knocking then one of these Letterbox Gifts is just the answer.

With a whole range of boxes to choose from on the website for all occasions from birthdays to births, Christmas to well just because this box in particular is the Gentleman’s Gift Set.

According to my Dad this is a great little set and has all sorts of bits to help bring a smile to your face. He partially enjoyed the chocolate.

Letterbox Gifts Gentleman's Gift Set

Personally as a gift buyer, I am turning to letterbox sized gifts more and more. It means that gifts can be sent directly to the recipient and come nicely packaged (which with my mobility is a huge plus), it also means that it doesn’t matter if they are in or not I know the parcel will arrive with them on time.

When it comes to companies Letterbox Gifts are definitely one I will return to (and I have already spotted a couple of boxes I need to pick up soon), you can tell a lot of thought has gone into what is included and the items included are all high quality.

The Gentleman’s Gift Set costs £25.95 and can be brought alongside a whole host of other letterbox sized gifts on the Letterbox Gifts website.

Snaffling Pig Co Salt and Vinegar Gifting Jar Crackling

Snaffling Pig Co Salt and Vinegar Gifting Jar Crackling

Do you know someone who just LOVES cracking? Then you have to get them to some from The Snaffling Pig Co, because once you have gone Snaffling Pig you will never go back.

Snaffling Pig offer a whole host of different flavoured crackling, from BBQ to Black Pepper and Sweet Chilli to Pig of Doom (only for the diehard that one). To start us off on the Snaffling Pig journey we were sent a small jar of salt & vinegar flavoured cracking. This is said to a favourite of Snaffling Pig fans.

Snaffling Pig Co Salt and Vinegar Gifting Jar Crackling

I personally find crackling something I can take or leave, however Ash and my Dad are big fans, so for this review I relied on them giving me the answers to what they really thought.

However, I was personally really surprised by this crackling; it was really moreish, had just the right constancy and even I found myself grabbing another little bit every now and again.

Snaffling Pig Co Salt and Vinegar Gifting Jar Crackling

So of course after trying it for myself, I was really interested to find out what they real crackling lovers thought of it and I am pleased to say it was a resounding thumbs up. In fact everyone we got to try and piece said it has to be some of the nicest crackling they have ever tried.

If you fancy treating someone you know to The Snaffling Pig Co for Christmas then they have a great range of Christmas treats, including some great gift packs that allow you try up to 6 different flavours. So what are you waiting for, head over to The Snaffling Pig Co website now.

The Famous Grouse Smoky Black

The Famous Grouse Smokey Black

Last but by no means least, for this gift guide is The Famous Grouse Smoky Black. Previously The Black Grouse, this particular whisky is blended specifically for its smoky taste.

This is of course a the smokier version of The Famous Grouse and finds itself blending peated malt whiskies, including a rare version of Glenturret, with exceptional grain whiskies to help produce this one of a kind rich, lightly smoky and smooth flavour.

I gave this to my Dad who while he had tried The Famous Grouse before, had not tried its smokier brother and was most definitely pleasantly surprised by it’s taste and even went as far to admit it was a bottle he would rebuy once this one runs out.

The Famous Grouse Smoky Black costs £22 for 70cl and can be brought online from The Famous Grouse website among other outlets.

What do you think of these gift ideas, do any of them catch your eye?

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