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Blogging for Business: How a VA Can Help

Blogging for Business: How a VA Can Help

As a business person, you probably already know the value of having a website and blog. But it’s likely that as you are running a business you don’t exactly have time to maintain a blog and social media presence. Know one knows your business like you do but it can get stressful feeling like you’re wearing one too many hats. Luckily you can use a virtual assistant or VA to handle a lot of small details to save you time without giving up the “personality” aspect of your blog. VAs can be a true lifesaver and blogging is one of the ways many VAs specialise to help their clients. Let’s look at what a VA can do to help you with your blog.


If you are blogging about different aspects of your industry or related products, a VA can be invaluable when it comes to researching and providing you with the links you need to curate great blog posts.


With blogging and social media, wouldn’t it be easier to put all the scheduling in someone else’s hands? Your VA can take the blog posts you write and schedule them to post at specific times as well as handle the social media sharing and posting in different places once the posts are published. Detail work and scheduling is something that takes a lot of time; time that you probably don’t have. It can really improve the bottom line if you assign some of these tasks to your VA instead.

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Images and Videos

When you write a blog post it’s probably just the text that says what you want it to say. However, you also know that it’s important to have images and other media within those blog posts in order to have the greatest impact. Images and videos are a great way to boost post popularity and a VA is the person to help you match your copy with great images and helpful videos.

Social Media Management

After a blog post is published, you may wonder why there are no comments on it. If you have a VA to put links on your social media accounts, the conversation may be taking place on Twitter or Facebook instead of on your blog, but people are seeing and reading your post before participating in the discussion. This is one area where a VA is a truly valuable asset as he or she can answer questions, moderate and admin social media accounts and even handle giveaways and contests for you. Social media is also a great source of traffic to your blog so having a VA help manage all of this will keep you updated and relevant so you can reap the rewards of social media for your blog.

So, when you have a business blog, but only have time to write a specific number of posts each week it may be time to start looking for a VA. Hiring a VA will improve your blog, your traffic and your social media accounts while leaving you time to run your business and write blog posts. Do you have any positive experiences working with a VA for your blog? Let us know in the comments.

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Lisa is a freelance writer and copywriter working primarily online since 1998. She loves content, social media and great friends. She teaches people how to make money writing on her website.

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