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Blogging for Business: Responsible Publishing

Blogging for Business: Responsible Publishing

As a business person, you are aware of certain aspects of business etiquette. Running a business should not be like politics. There should be no mudslinging or undermining, but stiff competition and price matching is completely fine. So how does that etiquette relate to a business blog and responsible publishing? The main thing to remember about your business blog is that you are selling yourself as a knowledgeable and helpful company. If you provide shoddily researched blog posts and incorrect information, your reputation will suffer. Follow these simple guidelines for responsible publishing on your business blog.

Boost Your Company without Talking Down the Competition

If you and another local company both sell dog food but carry foods from different manufacturers it is okay to tout the benefits of the brand you carry. Back up your information with facts and details about the food but don’t come right out and say, “You want this food instead of the brand the other guy sells because his store is dirty and the food probably has rodents in it.” Take the high road and maintain business integrity. If his food does have rodents, people will figure that out and will be looking for a different store to purchase their dog food. People are intelligent enough to make their own opinions about the things they buy and use. Your factual posts will show them why yours is the best option.

Be an Authority on Your Topic

There’s nothing worse for an internet user than to use a search engine to ask a specific question only to end up with page after page of incomplete information. If you want to write a blog post about growing tomatoes to promote your plant food, do the research. Learn about different types of tomatoes, different soil requirements and know what the benefits of your plant food are. The more complete information you provide the more likely people will be to purchase your product.


Check Your Facts

You’ve probably seen the sarcastic memes floating around Facebook that imply that the average internet user will believe anything they read online. The post about filling your headlights with water to project the light and see better in the snow is just one example. This isn’t entirely true, as people are intelligent and most people know they can’t believe everything they read on the Internet. That said, the people who read your business blog are looking to you to be an authority on your topic and will likely follow your advice or tips. So make sure you check your facts before you post anything.You don’t want to lead anyone astray.

Just like running a business, there are rules for running a business blog. These tips will help you grow your readership, convert readers into customers and avoid being called out for slander by the competition. You should even find you’re having some fun with it too as time goes on.

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