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Blogging for Business: Refining Your Strategy

Blogging for Business: Refining Your Strategy

So, you have a business blog. Surely you will be writing posts that relate to your products or services and getting a pile of customers, right? Believe it or not, developing a business blogging strategy that leads to posts that are more than simply a hard sell will help your blog grow and more visitors will find it organically. That said, it’s not always as easy as it appears when it comes to keeping a business blog and doing it successfully.

The first step toward having a successful business blog is to establish your knowledge. For example if your business is selling gardening supplies, your blog should be a mix of gardening tips, product reviews and even specific plant how-tos. If all you do is post about your product then people will quickly lose interest. But if you offer information, advice and helpful ideas then your readers will come back again and again. For example look at the Farmer’s Almanac. They want to sell the Almanac but the website and blog is filled with helpful information. This is a great example of a good business blogging strategy.

Suppose your business is selling high quality dog collars. Many times when people visit a well written and informative blog that is specifically for one product, they may find themselves wishing they could find as much information about other related topics there as well. This is your chance to also review other products for dogs. Dog food, treats, leashes, harnesses and even dog training services would be ideal posts for your business blog because it is all related to dog collars and the information will benefit your readers and potential customers. The Pet Blog Lady is a great example of this strategy in action.


The Canidae pet food blog has used a great strategy for years. The posts are about all aspect of training, raising and loving pets but each one also makes reference to the quality Canidae food products. There’s humor, cute pictures of animals and great information and tips for raising pets all while not letting folks forget that it is a pet food company.

No matter what you wish to sell or what service you want to provide, the more well-rounded yet applicable your blog is, the better your results will be. Turning visitors into customers is the hardest part of business blogging, and while you want to mention your business and establish yourself as a great business you also don’t want to pound readers over the head with it. Consumers are a fickle lot and you could easily lose potential clients by posting about nothing but your product.

Final thoughts: If you have a business blog but you don’t have a strategy, now is the time to do it. It will be more valuable than you ever knew possible.

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Lisa is a freelance writer and copywriter working primarily online since 1998. She loves content, social media and great friends. She teaches people how to make money writing on her website.


  1. Great post, whilst im not a business blogger these tips cam still be applied to my own blog!

  2. This is a really great post with some useful information, My blog is one of my main incomes and although it’s not a business blog, these are still helpful to me xo

  3. what a great post – thanks for the tips. Sometimes we need to refresh blogging ideas. R

  4. So many helpful tips! Definitely need to have a think about this

  5. I don’t follow many business blogs but I totally agree that a well rounded blog that doesn’t come across as just trying to see the product, makes me much more likely to read it! 🙂

  6. Very useful. I know some small biz’s that could do with reading this.

  7. I’m much more likely to stick around on the blog pages of a brands website if I don’t feel constantly sold to, I know that sounds odd because the whole point of those blog pages are to sell I guess but the less obvious it is the more likely I am to buy! x

  8. This is a very helpful post, some companies definitely need to take notice!

  9. Business blogs have to cover a fine line, I hate to be overly preached too, and I’m with Zoe about the hard sell.


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