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Blogging for Business: Monetising Your Site

Blogging for Business: Monetising Your Site

Many times business bloggers overlook the possibility of another income stream by not monetising their site, or simply not monetising it fully. Even if your blog is designed to attract customers or clients to your business, you can also make money simply by having the site. There are various ways to monetise your site; the most common is by installing ads or offering affiliate products. If you haven’t looked into or considered this option for your blog it may seem a bit intimidating or confusing but once these income streams are installed there’s not much more for you to do except collect your money. Let’s look at a few popular business websites and how they could or do use monetisation strategies.

Outdoor Life

When you navigate to the blogs section of the Outdoor Life website you will find a few ads interspersed along with the blog post listings. For example a Weber sauces and seasonings ad and a dog food ad appear on the page when I visit. Both of these ads are related to the topics and context of the page and when visitors click them the site owners make money. Some ads may be supplied by Google while others may be a direct affiliate ad that the site owner has contracted with. The ads are not in competition with any links or sales for the company, instead they go along with the topics covered and give readers a more well rounded experience when they visit the page. Some bloggers worry that ads will deter people from their site but if you still include useful content and you don’t overdo the ads, it shouldn’t be a problem.


Shoe Money

This blog is a great way for business owners to see how monetisation works and how profitable it can be to have a successful business blog with well placed and strategic ads. The blog post that is linked above is all about how Google Adsense and affiliate marketing helped the site owner make a hefty income beyond the business website itself.

A Better Lemonade Stand

While this blog is all about helping entrepreneurs get off to a good start it also provides a great deal of step by step information and detailed strategies. But along with the helpful blog posts there are also related ads that are paying off for the blog owners when people click them to find out more information. The related topics of the contextual ads make it easy for readers to see the benefit of clicking the ads.

Here are some ways to monetise your blog:

  • PPC (pay per click) advertising
  • CPM (cost per mile) advertising
  • Text link ads
  • In-text ads
  • Advertising space
  • Advertising widgets
  • Pop ups and lightboxes
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Product reviews
  • Membership sites

All of these methods might not work for you, or maybe you use some of them now but change your strategy as your blog grows. One of the most important things to know is that blogging can be a good source of residual income when you learn to monetise correctly.

Monetising your business blog is not just an idea, it is a sound business strategy that may put more money in your own advertising budget if you do it right.

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Lisa is a freelance writer and copywriter working primarily online since 1998. She loves content, social media and great friends. She teaches people how to make money writing on her website.


  1. I am looking to monetize my site because so far the only way I am making money from my blog is through sponsored posts.

  2. I’m still new to blogging (3 months in), so I’m wanting to work on my posts a bit more first. This is bookmarked for the future 🙂 it’s such a fab post! Thank you x

  3. It’s all a bit of a minefield to me – I had ads on my blog supplied by Mode but now they’ve gone bust and I won’t be getting paid, so I haven’t really got any ads now!

    Gemma x

  4. I do monetise my blog a little bit but I don’t make much! x

  5. I monetise my blog but there is no harm in learning more about how it can be done more

  6. This is so helpful. I earn through sponsored posts and collaborations, I just don’t want to clutter my blog and annoy people with adverts, but I should look into it. Kaz x

  7. This is really helpful, I only earn through sponsored post and collaborations like most bloggers do. I have been looking at other ways to monetize my blog and these are some great ideas :-).

    Thanks for sharing!! xoxo


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