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Blogging for Business: Case Studies

Blogging for Business: Case Studies

Setting up and maintaining a business blog can be quite a challenge. How personal do you allow your business blog to become, do you want to allow comments and discussion, what topics should you cover? All of the answers to these questions and many other factors create a complex formula that will either make or break your business blog. Here are some very successful business blogs to look at to help you make the most out of your blog.

Fueling New Business is a business blog that is not only eye catching but contains a great deal of useful information. The author isn’t afraid to link current events with tried and true business practices making this a well rounded business blog that gets a great deal of organic traffic.

Women on Business introduces a pool of female entrepreneurs to create a very versatile and informative blog about women in business. The posts cover a variety of professions, tips and tricks for advancing, blogging, marketing and more.

Down the Avenue explores many different facets of business. If you’re interested in startups or technology and how these things will affect business practices then this blog will be your “go-to” source for up to date information.

Blogging for Business: Case Studies

While there is no specific formula that will guarantee the success of your business blog the main thing to remember is to address your target audience. If you are selling dog collars then curate blog posts that relate not just to dog collars but to the people who own dogs. Every post does not have to be about dog collars but about things that readers who have dogs will be interested in knowing. Dog training tips, dog health, emergency care for dogs etc. These topics will get readers who are interested in the topic but will also lead them to click on links and ads for your product on the page.

Just as an example, Pet Blog Lady doesn’t actually make or sell pet products, but she writes about various pet products and probably had a great deal of affiliate sales on the items she reviews and promotes on her blog. This is a business blog that is based on one person’s love of pets and all things pet related.

There is no limit to what sort of business blog you can create. The goal, of course, is to obtain readers, be searchable and improve your business through the use of your blog.

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Lisa is a freelance writer and copywriter working primarily online since 1998. She loves content, social media and great friends. She teaches people how to make money writing on her website.


  1. A business blog sounds interesting. I didn’t read one until now, but I will look at the ones mentioned in the post. Maybe I will find something relevant for my work.

  2. There are so many things you could do and a business blog is quite an interesting idea, so many wide and varied topics.

  3. A business blog is something I’d like to do in the future 🙂 Although it does sound like a challenge but I do agree, targeting the audience is a must!


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