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Beyond Candles – Review

Beyond Candles – Review

A while back, I remember Sarah telling me about a beautiful little shop she had found in a small centre near her. The shop was called Beyond Candles. Sarah was amazed with the candles this particular shop sold and asked me if I would like to try one. Being a candle lover I jumped at the chance.

Sarah asked me what colour candle I would like to be sent, I asked for one which would match my living room. My preference was red with black and white included into the colour scheme and Sarah did not disappoint when she picked a candle out for me. As soon as the candle arrived, I knew it would be perfect for my house and I could not wait to start burning it to see what the quality of the candle was like.


The candle itself had a unique design. The candle was shaped like a tall moon and it sat perfectly on the side in my lounge. Not wanting to burn the candle right away I choose to place a bright light behind the candle which allowed me to make the most of the beautifully handmade candle. Not only did I enjoy the beauty of the candle but also my visitors asked where I had got the candle from and commented on how unique the candle looked.


When it was time to burn the candle, I was presented with a number of wicks. I loved the fact that I was able to burn different wicks as I felt this enabled me to allow the candle to create its own, new fantastic shape. I decided to burn the top 3 wicks which left half the candle towering over the over half when the one half I had chosen to light had burned.

candle beyond

Beyond Candle is a candle shop which I would never get bored of. I love the fact that Beyond Candle hand make their candles and I love the fact that each candle is different from the next one which is going to be made. I love the fact that you can personalise your own candle with the colours you want to match your home and I love the fact that I feel the candles have quite a long burn time.

Beyond Candles currently only have 2 shops where you are able to buy the products from however you are able to buy the candles on Life in a Break Down and also check out the Beyond Candles Facebook Page. Currently the candles are priced at £14 including postage which I think is a huge bargain.

Beyond Candles do not only make the perfect treat for you but also make the perfect gift for a loved one. Why not buy one today?

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Helen is mum to Maxwell and the blogger behind parenting and lifestyle blog Mummy To The Max


  1. I think being able to personalise your own candle is really cool. My daughter and I have a kids candle making set with different wax beads and we are looking forward to using this. 🙂

  2. I love candles, these are very pretty and the design is unusual.

  3. I love candles, although I don’t really have a safe place to burn them in my house, however, this would be the perfect gift for my mum! 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for a lovely review of my work…

  5. I love candles and this one is so unique! I will have to find one similar in Los Angeles! xoxo

  6. I absolutely love candles – especially ones that are a bit different. I love this one – I will definitely have a look at the others. Kaz x

  7. I think £14 for a beautiful unique bespoke candle is not a bad price at all, I like the look of Beyond Candles.

  8. What a unique candle – I love the shape! & I love the multiple wicks – as you say, it leaves an interesting shape, and I like the three flames burning together as they look really pretty. Great that they personalise candles to your requirements. (Lucy/R is for Hoppit)

  9. These candles speak by their brand name – Beyond. I love personalised stuff so these candles are perfect for my use or even as gift.

  10. I have a Beyond Candles too, but I didn’t light it up as I don’t want to ruin it. It looks so lovely, they make a wonderful gift and a beautiful feature in the house.


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