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Best Hosting Options For Bloggers: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Best Hosting Options For Bloggers: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

How exactly does web hosting affect your blog? What different hosting platforms are out there for bloggers, and how do you make a choice? Here are some general web hosting considerations, as well as some beginner, intermediate, and advanced blogger hosting options.

What is a hosting provider & how does it affect my blog?

Your web host is a server on which your website is stored as a series of files. This includes content, images and code. Your site can either be stored on a single or multiple server.

  • A single server hosting package means your website is on its own on a server (more rare), whereas a shared hosting package means that other sites are on there too.
  • When choosing a hosting provider you will need to balance cost with the level of support you get, and the quality of the hosting you receive. Good quality hosting makes for a faster website and will give you more control, whereas a cheaper option may be more economical but less flexible.
  • One key web host parameter is ‘up time’, or the minimum guaranteed time that your website will be accessible for (servers may have to go offline very occasionally for routine maintenance or due to intermittent network issues). Usually web hosts offer up times of 99% or more.
  • There are some security issues to be aware of with hosting – but you’ll be safe with any of the larger providers.

Good hosting options for beginner bloggers

The best beginner hosting platforms are hosted blogger platforms that give you a free domain like wordpress.com and blogspot.com and web hosting all under one roof.

These services offer an extremely quick and easy way to start blogging and you need no technical skills (you don’t even need a domain name). These blogging platforms have been around for awhile and are an easy way to get started.

WordPress, Blogger & Tumblr

The three main hosted blogging platforms for beginner bloggers are:

Google’s Blogger is super simple to use (and all you need is your gmail account), but it’s fallen behind a little bit when it comes to its designs. WordPress is becoming increasingly popular, and is a good option for people looking to progress to a WordPress site in the feature – they have an easy domain transfer service which allow you to transfer content files over from your hosted domain to a new one when you’re ready. Tumblr offers something a bit different in terms of its designs, but it’s essentially a drag and drop and all-in-one blogging solution like all the others.

A blog hosted on a unique domain like domain.com can be more credible and ultimately, you have ownership of the name (and commercial value) of your site. If you want to monetise your blog in the future, this is the way to go.


Good hosting options for intermediate bloggers

Ready to take the next step? Choose a trusted hosting provider for your first website or blog.

  • The best hosting providers give you plenty of help and talk you through the process – but you are going to have to get a bit technical when switching over to a web host for the first time. Once that bit is sorted, you don’t usually have to do much (other than pay your invoice and keep the CMS and plugins updated).
  • If you are moving off a hosted wordpress.com domain to your own, find a hosting provider that has full compatibility with WordPress and that offers you plenty of advice on how to make the switch.


One of the most recognisable brands in the domain and hosting space, GoDaddy are a safe bet to go with. They also offer domain names and have a one month free trial for first time users. They are dedicated to helping smaller businesses and generally are reviewed well across the board.


This Utah-based web hosting company has been getting some good reviews lately – which is always a good sign. They are reasonably priced, well-equipped to deal with WordPress and offer a great 24/7 support package.

Good hosting options for advanced bloggers

Running a complex site with a members’ area? Have you got an ecommerce store like WooCommerce installed on your site? You might need some more advanced hosting options to keep your site working as fast as it needs to.

TSO Host

This UK cloud host has fast load speeds and low prices and they offer premium hosting for those who want to up their game. We love the fact that they offer a free website migration.

WP Engine

Another great WordPress product, WP Engine is a brilliant web host for WordPress bloggers and websites. It has fantastic speed, security and support and you can’t really do any better for your WordPress site with this dedicated web host. Check out this in-depth WP Engine review to see if it’s worth the switch for your blog.

Got big plans for your blog? Check out these awesome blogger monetisation ideas and share your big blogging plans with us below.

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