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April Tech Blog Round-Up

April Tech Blog Round-Up

Welcome to the first ever UK Bloggers tech blog round up (cue party poppers!). Every month I’ll be gathering the some of the best tech blog posts from the UK Bloggers community and listing them all together in one easy to digest post.

So much happened in the tech world in March: The iPhone 7 was announced, the Samsung S7 was released (b..but I’ve only just bought an S6! I forgive you, Samsung…) and the gorgeous high-tech Tesla Model 3 car was revealed just last night.

You guys have been giving us the low down on everything from VR to Tracking Devices. UK Bloggers has you covered.

Keep an eye out for my post in the UKBloggers Facebook group if you’d like to be featured in the May tech blog round-up.

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Tech Reviews:

It’s easy to forget to back up phone data but it’s so important – imagine losing all of those precious photos, conversations and music. But what if creating a backup was as easy as charging your phone. Well now it is, thanks to MEEM. Pop over to Diary of the Dad to learn more.

Want to get the whole family together for a gaming session? Geek Mummy tried out Animal Crossing: Amibo Festival – an adorable party game featuring Amibo figures for the Wii U – and did just that.

Can you believe it’s almost been a year since the Apple Watch was released? Maybe you’ve been holding out for an honest review before making your purchase. If that’s the case, Peter from I’m Peter has just what you’ve been waiting for.

Since reading Melissa’s review of the S+ Sleep Sensor earlier this month I’ve been seriously rethinking my sleeping habits and the effects they’re having on my overall health. This super stylish device not only monitors your sleep, it looks great on the bedside cabinet too. Check it out at Melisa Jane Lee.

Ever wanted to catch the resident cookie jar raider red handed but had trouble pinning them? Then you need BleepBleeps: A cute but sneaky little tracking device which tracks movements and reports them to your smartphone. Check out the review by Lisa at 30 Something Belle.

No one likes paying for printer ink and if you work from home – and many bloggers do – ink costs can run in to the hundreds of £££’s a year! Epson’s Ecotank printers claim their inks last for years (yes please!) but are they as good as their laser-jet big brothers? Linda from Mother Distracted puts the Epson ET-2500 Ecotank Printer to the test.


Tech Advice:

Phone addiction is something that I’ve been struggling with recently. My old handset was so slow that it would usually end up on the bedside cabinet before the webpage could finish loading. That was until The Upgrade *dun dun dun*.

I’ve barely slept since I’ve had my new phone. Between the super addictive game Crossy Road, Imgur and Reddit, it’s near impossible for me to fall asleep: “Must…keep…scrolling!”

Corrine from Geekedcartree knows this feeling all too well. Pop over to her blog to find out if you too could do with an intervention.

I see a lot of bloggers asking for photography tips and advice over in the UK Bloggers Facebook group. You guys should to head over to Andrew Mark Smith and check out his photography set-up for inspiration, including how to get creative with an Ikea egg timer.


Tech Talk:

Unless you’ve been living in outer space (which ironically you might be able to do if VR takes off; virtually of course) you’ve probably heard a lot about Virtual Reality over the past year or so. With the release of the Oculus Rift headset later this year VR is set to be huge in 2016.

James from Dependent On Gadgets has rounded up his most anticipated VR devices and posed the question: Is 2016 The Year VR Gets Real? I sure hope so!

Imagine if the humble camera had never been invented? There would be no way to capture precious memories (or drunken shame). There’d be no live TV, no Hollywood heartthrobs and the internet would look so boring! Jess from Babi a Fi gives us a history lesson in photography; from the world first selfie to the latest digital cameras.


Tried out any new gadgets lately? Reviewed a tech event? Let me know about it in the comments below!


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A Cardiff based freelance writer, lover of metal, internet addict and dork.


  1. Thanks for including my post in your tech roundup. One little thing, my site is “I’m Peter”, not “I’m Peter Pan” haha. If that could be changed, it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks again. Some great posts in there.

    Peter |

  2. Lovely round up post – we’re purchasing a Wii U this Summer so I am off to read Geek Mummy’s review now x

  3. Really helpful post Sarah. Lots of tips. Will definitely be checking out those links 🙂

  4. oh a great round up I need a new camera for sure I do love all my tech items and yes a slight addiction to my iphone

  5. Ha I need one of those bleepbleeps – or 10! Haha. Like you, I’ve also been thinking about my sleeping pattern and the S+ Sleep Sensor sounds great! The Epson’s Ecotank printer sounds great, too. We go through SO much ink and who knew that my eldest being in high school would need the printer so often, I really do need to look into that printer. Lovely round up, thank you for sharing. xx

    • Profile photo of Angela Webster | Cosmic Kick

      Thanks Sarah 🙂 The Epson printer sounds fantastic! I seem to get through colour cartridges in a matter of a few weeks so I’m definitely considering one.

  6. Great tips and roundup! . Im so rubbish with some tech. Appart from my SLR camera which i know inside out. haha But computers and phones… *shrug*

  7. Great round up! I adore my Bleep Bleeps sensor and am also using the ResMed sleep monitor. Some fab reviews and insights.

  8. Great round up Angela. I’ll be letting my sister know about sleep +sleep sensor review from Melis Jane Lee as she has terrible trouble getting a good nights sleep.


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