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April 2016 – Admin Roundup

April 2016 – Admin Roundup

April is here and it’s brought the spring, but it’s also brought a lovely bunch of new posts from our fellow UK bloggers. In this month’s roundup, we have a great selection of posts that will inspire, delight, and entertain.

If you’re feeling a bit of writer’s block and unsure what to write about, check out Leanne Marie’s “30 Blog Post Ideas For Every Blogger”. Pick and chose which you want to write about or challenge yourself to do one prompt a day for an entire month. Motherhood: The Real Deal brings up great points in her post “Should Bloggers Be Expected to Write for Free?” Multiple bloggers chime in with their answer to this hot button question.

If you’re looking to play rather than work, indulge in a “Salted Caramel and Banana Milkshake” by Daisies and Pie. Rambling Through Parenthood’s dragon mask is for kids, but no one will tell if you make one for yourself as well!


Leanne Marie – 30 Blog Post Ideas for Every Blogger

Fashion and Frappes – What is a Fashion Week?

Charlie Bloggs – A Day at Spa 6, Cotswold Water Park Hotel

Fashion Du Jour LDN – Let’s Get In Formation: How to Be More Like Beyoncé – Errday!

This Day I Love – Expect the Unexpected

Becster – The Tenderloins – Where’s Larry? Tour

Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary – An Epic Adventure to the Summit of Ben Nevis – The Plans

Holly Sparkle – Monochrome For Spring | OOTD

Babi A Fi – Blogging Tags, Memes, and Challenges

Anca’s Lifestyle – Blogging for Free

Wishful Wonderings – Is the Stress of SATS Too Much? Simple Ways to Help

Daisies and Pie – Salted Caramel and Banana Milkshake

Becky Bedbug – New Life Goals

My Life in Rose Tinted Glasses – DIY Wall Hanging Under £10 And In Less Than 10 Minutes!

Garden Tea Cakes and Me – Glass Cup and Saucer Review

Rambling Through Parenthood – Dragon Mask for Kids

Dungarees and Donuts – Haulin’ With Octer | Lifestyle

Equestrian From Crete – A Special Warrior: The Marwari Horse

Gingr Mum – Exciting announcement & WIN Fabulous Heaven Skincare Competition Worth Over £100!

Mummy to the Max – Easter Lemon Oreo Truffles

Adventures of a Novice Mum – All You Need to Know About Broken Links

Motherhood: The Real Deal – Should Bloggers Be Expected to Write for Free?

Cascade of Colour – A Northerner’s Weekend in London

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Sarah is one of the original creators of UK Bloggers - when she isn't hard at work on this site she can often be found at her own blog Life in a Break Down, do pop by and say hi!


  1. What a lovely round up with so much variety of posts to read.

  2. Such a great idea to collect these together – blog posts sometimes seem to get lost, so it’s nice to see a round of all the familiar faces I regular see 🙂

  3. Profile photo of Leighanne

    Wow so many new blogs to check out. One thing I love about blogging is I get to read posts from people people I may not have the opportunity to meet in every day life. Always something new and wonderful to read

  4. Love this idea – I just want to say thanks for doing posts like this – it really helps to give other bloggers a boost and is a great way to discover new blogs xx

  5. great round up 🙂 a great selection of everything, I am well aware that I am one of the many many blogers that write about lifestlye, books and beauty, but I enjoy it and love sharing muy thoughts and aspirations with you all, perhaps one day I will see my name here!

  6. a great selection of blogs here, its lovely to see the blogging world grow:)
    I have been dabbling for the last year or so, but now i am determined to make a better go of it all and perhaps one day reach this list too!
    So many artisitc and talaented people out there writing thier hearts out, awesome!

  7. Great round up – I had no idea you did these – lovely idea. I am off fr a good read! Kaz x

  8. Great round up and some posts I clearly need to go and read myself x

  9. Profile photo of Ana

    No we should not work for free, I am writing a post on this as we speak because I find it difficult to conceive that some brands want to pay as nothing for a lot of work and free promotion for them! Love the idea of a round up system!

  10. Great Round up, Very interested to read about a northern girl in london as im a northerner to! 😀 Thanks for linking them all.


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