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4 Christmas Ideas for Kids

4 Christmas Ideas for Kids

It is hard to believe that it is November already and we are well on the way to it being Christmas, so over the next few weeks I am going to look to bring you some great gift ideas, as well as, some ways to help save yourself a pretty penny by using things such as voucher codes. First up let’s have a look at some ways to save yourself some money while spending out on your kids gifts.


Amazon is the one stop shop for many of us, when it comes to buying anything, however one thing I didn’t know till recently, was, you can actually get a few extra pennies off, by looking out for Amazon promo codes they offer up around the internet. Of course I had to have a quick browse and as I did I came across some great looking gifts, however I totally fell head-over-heels for this cute little glowing plush pup.

Next up I was surfing around the amazing Hawkins Bazaar and I found this beautiful spinning top which brought back so many memories. I used to have one when I was a child and for some reason it is one of my most memorable toys, something which wasn’t used for hours on end, but I always liked to give it a quick spin, I found the colours as they blended into one another fascinating. Of course if you’re looking for stocking fillers, Hawkins Bazaar happen to offer such a great range starting from less than £1 and if you do go shopping with them this Christmas don’t forget to check for Hawkins Bazaar promotions.

Last up I found these two beauties over with the Great Little Trading Company, a company who are dedicated to bringing the best toys to children across the UK this Christmas. Personally I absolutely love the idea of a wigwam, somewhere to hide away – I bet as a kid it would have made the best reading spot and they don’t have to be expensive, especially if you grab a Great Little Trading Company discount code to use. For kids who would love to be just like Mum and Dad and cook up a storm in the kitchen then perhaps some wooden food would be just what they fancy this Christmas and these are just two of 100’s of ideas over with this award winning company.

So there are a few ideas to start you off on your hunt, do any of them catch your eye?

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  1. What a lovely selection. The Wigwam is my favourite item too! I love a good discount too so the Amazon promo codes is a great suggestion 🙂

  2. Forget the kiddies I want a Teepee for myself haha! xo

  3. The wigwam is such a fantastic idea – would love one for my daughter when she’s a little but older ☺️

  4. omg this is so cute my lil monkey would love these !!

  5. Aw that little tent is so adorable, I used to love a little pop up tent I used to have as a kid x

  6. My son had that very same spinning top when he was little, it is such a beautiful, timeless toy.

  7. Now a wigwam is always a good idea, or anything you can make a den with or at my age, a man cave!


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